10 Days Mixed Workout Plan


10 Days Mixed Workout Plan:

In the present world, everyone are very busy and no time for their Health and Fitness. Hence we have listed down few Fast, Quick and Easy Workout Plan for a Good Health and Happy Life.

Day-1 (BNX Cross Fit):

A combination of high intensity cardio and function training moves. This workout plan, helps in improving heart health, lung diffusion capacity, muscle endurance, muscle strength, functional ability, speed and agility. Also aids in losing weight. 5 Healthy and Magical Points to Gain Weight

10 Days Mixed Workout Plan

Day-2 (Core Blast):

Targets your core muscles (not just abs). This ‘workout plan’, helps in strengthening your entire core. A very effective way to reduce your overall circumference.

10 Days Mixed Workout Plan

Day-3 (Yoga/Power Yoga):

Yoga is a holistic approach to maintain over health. This workout plan” helps in improving your flexibility, body balance, muscle endurance and strength.

10 Days Mixed Workout Plan

Day-4 (Pilates):

Pilates conditioning workout improves core strength, stability, posture and balance and prevents as well as treats back pain.

10 Days Mixed Workout Plan

Day-5 (Aerobics):

Movements are combined in a way that it increases your cardiovascular (heart health) endurance, muscular endurance and concentration. Plus, moving to music also works as a form of expression.

10 Days Mixed Workout Plan

Day-6 (Zumba):

Another variation of workout with fun, Zumba improves your core flexibility, body balance, heart health. Aids in weight loss.

10 Days Mixed Workout Plan

Day-7 (Strength Training):

Improves muscle strength and endurance. Very effective in toning up your body and losing excess fat.

10 Days Mixed Workout Plan

Day-8 (Swimming):

A low impact and relaxing exercise, it builds cardiovascular fitness and helps attain a leaner, defined body.

10 Days Mixed Workout Plan

Day-9 (Kickboxing):

Gives blastic contraction to your muscles. High energy workout that is guaranteed to burn calories and fat.

10 Days Mixed Workout Plan

Day-10 (Outdoor Workout):

Recreational or outdoor physical activities like cycling, rappelling etc., enable you to soak up the sunshine benefits. Great for your mood and self-esteem.

10 Days Mixed Workout Plan

-Source: THE TIMES OF INDIA (News Paper)


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