10 Healthy Breakfasts to Lose your Fat


10 Healthy Breakfasts to Lose your Fat:

Honestly saying, skipping your breakfast is not a good idea to lose your weight, it can negatively affect your health as well. So, what to do???

Imagine – you lose your weight with your breakfast – must be thinking how it possible?

Believe me, this article will tell you 10 healthy breakfasts that will not only satisfy your early morning hunger, but at the same time, also help you to lose your weight.

1) Whole Grain Cereals:

The main advantages of the Whole Grain Cereals are, those are loaded with fiber, which make you feel fuller. After having a bowl of whole grain cereal, you are most unlikely to have the craving for your mid-morning snacks, like doughnuts. Do check your whole grain cereal is sugar-free, and enjoy a full breakfast with the promise of shedding extra calories.

Healthy Breakfast

2) Eggs:

One of the most important breakfasts in the weight loss regime is Eggs.  Eggs are high in protein and  make you feel fuller so that your daily routine does not get disrupted because you are dieting. Take two to four poached, fried or simply boiled eggs for breakfast. You can also cut down the egg-yolk from your breakfast, as it is high in dietary Cholesterol.

Healthy Breakfast

3) Oatmeal:

Rich in fiber, Oatmeal also contains Omega 3 fatty acids, Potassium, and Folate. Having oatmeal in breakfast will keep you feel fuller, also the fiber named Beta-glucan of Oatmeal helps to check/balance  your Cholesterol. Apart from that, this easy to cook breakfast is perfect for your early morning rush hour. To avoid all the calories, just avoid the flavoured kind of Oatmeal, instead cook your regular Oatmeal with skimmed milk, honey, and add almonds, nuts, Raspberry, Raisins or Walnuts to enhance flavour.

Healthy Breakfast

4) Banana Smoothie:

Our favourite fruit Banana is full of Potassium and Vitamins. It is also very filling to curb your appetite, but it is really boring to have a full breakfast with only a couple of Bananas. But don’t worry, here is solution  to make a fat-less Banana smoothie, which is tasty and also a great initiator for cutting down your calories. Just blend your Banana with Greek Yogurt, Honey and grated Ginger in a blender, and your fat-burning Banana Smoothie breakfast is ready.

Healthy Breakfast

5) Greek Yogurt with Fresh Fruits:

The rich creamy Greek Yogurt is full of Calcium and protein;  in addition, it is one of the best-recommended foods for a healthy weight loss. Taking Greek Yogurt in Breakfast also helps to maintain the glow on your skin, which normally faded away,  as you start reducing your weight. Take a bowl full Greek Yogurt and add  fruits like berries, Apple or Banana for a low fat full breakfast.

Healthy Breakfast

6) Peanut Butter Toast with Green Tea:

Your daily Toast-Butter breakfast will help you to lose weight, with a little change. Instead of regular butter, choose Peanut Butter for your Toast.  Also, your favourite espresso or latte is strictly forbidden while you are on diet; so, get the habit of Green tea instead. The green tea contains antioxidants, which helps to increase the metabolism that cuts down your body fat faster.

Healthy Breakfast

7) Fresh Fruits like Oranges, Cranberry, Grapes, Watermelon etc:

There is no comparison of Fresh fruits when comes the question of healthy weight loss. Filled with Vitamins and Minerals, the fresh fruits can really help you to reduce weight as well as support to maintain your body balance. If not so much fan of having just fruits for your breakfast, try the fruit juice of fat burning fruits like berries, apples, oranges, etc.

Healthy Breakfast

8) Burrito:

The fat-free Burrito can be a real-time breakfast, which is filling and helpful for weight loss. Just mix up the  white part of the egg with fat-free cheese, chopped onions, tomatoes, beans, and salsa and then wrap it in whole wheat Tortilla to prepare a fat-free Burrito.

Healthy Breakfast

9) Granola with Skimmed Milk:

Granola, the low-fat cereal can also be your choice for the breakfast. Just take cold skimmed milk with Granola Bar, or heat up the milk to have your breakfast hot.

Healthy Breakfast

10) Almond Butter with Whole-wheat Bread:

The whole wheat bread contains Carbohydrates, which helps you to maintain your energy even if you are skipping meals. On the other hand, almond butter is a great source of protein, and mono unsaturated fats, which is good for your health. Almond butter is especially advised for those people who are allergic to  Peanut Butter.

Healthy Breakfast

The whole point of healthy breakfast is to keep you saturated in the morning so that you are not tempted to overeating in the later, grab any breakfast you fancy and get recharged for that day even if you are dieting.


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