10 People Describe How they Found out their Partner was Cheating


10 People Describe How they Found out their Partner was Cheating:

Cheating is one of the worst things one can do in relation but the worst is getting caught by your partner. The squirmy red faced acts leave one completely embarrassed; relation go for toss and it is skirmish situation which ends in bad notes.


Remember the teenage flick “John Tucker Must Die”- where three ex-girlfriends of a cheater teaches him a less by making him fall for a new girl or the most serious movie “Unfaithful”, where Richard Gere finds about this wife’s infidelity leading to ugly turns. Awkward!!

Here are 10 people who told us how they found cheating and cheated by their partner.

Mistress Romance:

“While attending an wedding, his mistress told me about their saga and story. It was devastating but I acted normal as I did not want to ruin someone’s wedding. I did not want to take pleasure in seeing me going mad.”


Trapped in own Act:

“My boyfriend borrowed my phone for a while. He returned it to me after a week only to uncover his cheating tale. All his conversation with the other girl about love and sex were recorded on spy caller, good news was he wasn’t aware”.


Caught by Chance:

“We were taking a vacation after a long time. She was sitting next to me and while she was showing me something else in her phone, a message popped leading to opening of the thread. There she was red faced as she was caught chatting with a guy, she sent messages of how much she loves him and want to take the vacation with him”.


Caught in the Act:

“I caught him in the act. I finished work early and came in through duplicate keys, he stumbled like a mad dog whether to dress first or come after me”.


App Uncovered it:

“It was Christmas party at her office and I was home to babysit our kid. My wife told me she will be staying back at a hotel to avoid driving drunk. To my surprise, I used “Find my App” late night and found she was having a gala time at her boss’s apartment”.


John Tucker Caught:

“I am sure most of us have seen this movie. It happened in real. I was at party and was talking about my boyfriend; I get a pat from behind and it a girl. She overheard our conversation and was like “Are you talking about this guy, one who lives the other side of the town and is in pre-med senior year”. I said and she said “We are dating, more like casual sex.” He was caught as we both called him turn by turn and other person listening.


He is a Dad Now:

“After we broke up, we were not in touch but then I did scoop through his Facebook page. I had his cousins, relatives still on my friendship. I find him holding a baby tagged as new dad. Wonderful but guess what, it is hardly been 9 months since we broke which means he was fucking around with me”.


Online Error:

“I was working on his laptop which led me to his Messages. He had couple of messages from his ex and while going through them, I found he was into sexting with her while I was next to him sleeping and cuddling. Gross! Is not it? I left the very moment”.


It is All about Genetics:

“This is a scene right from a movie, but it did happen. I came home after deployment of 12 months and found a black baby. Not that I am racist, but we are both white, simple genetics applied and found she was cheating”.


Found him on Dating App:

“My friend showed me his profile on a dating app. It was surprising because I thought we had the perfect relation. I snooped into his phone and found that he banged one of his date in a hotel room. His game was over”.



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