10 Things you Did Not know about Orgasm


10 Things you Did Not know about Orgasm:

Orgasm – the most erotic and intimate sensational, that leaves us numb with a feeling that cannot be defined but can only be experienced. It is so much more than the “Oh! Ouch! Yes”, this will take you deep down into thoughtful realisation. Let us see what we did not about orgasm.


1) Short Pleasure Trip:

Orgasm is that moment when the heat stimulates to a height of complete pleasure expulsion. Body releases pro-lactin hormone which shuts down your sexual desire abruptly for a while, a orgasm last for only few seconds.

2) Genitals are Not Everything:

To get an orgasm, it is not only the play of genitals which kicks you to that height of excitement. It is nervous system reflex which can be felt anywhere on outside of gonads. So next time you get the high, it is absolutely okay.


3) Orgasms for Brain Dead People:

It is a feeling which can be triggered in any person including one who is brain dead but alive on heart beats. On stimulating the sacral nerve root through precise spot excitement trigger orgasms.

4) Stress can Kill it:

If you are stressed out or emotionally deprived, it might be a problem as it will not trigger the perfect orgasms. Orgasm also is known to relax yourself with release of heat and balance your hormonal stability.


5) Effect of Oxytocin:

While you are at your peak point, the release of oxytocin makes it more wild and sensuous with an orgasm that makes you relaxed and get you talking about things you generally don’t. Also our body produces much heat, which is released while we orgasm, keeping us cool and relaxed.

6) Mind Triggers Orgasm:

It is something that can happen any time depending on your thoughts. It is not necessary to spice up things on bed but even a mere thought or rewinding of fantasies is enough to get you orgasm.


7) Moans and Sounds:

While having a steamy session of intimacy, the moans for every pleasurable moment can trigger fast orgasm. Sometimes it is just the sound that is enough to get your hormones running and take you on an orgasmic ride.

8) Hiccups are Out of Way:

Research has found that orgasms has profound effect on hiccups. It has been found that if someone get continual hiccups, it can be stopped by immediate replacement of masturbation to give you orgasms.


9) Too much Alcohol is Bad:

If you are an alcoholic or someone who loves the high of liquor, it is possible that you might not experience the pleasure orgasmic high. It is very difficult to bring orgasms in a person who is a regular drinker than a person who take liquor on occasions or in moderate amount.

10) Multiple Orgasm:

One session of make out and sex can give you multiple orgasms. It totally depends on your partner because it is the intimacy that is directly proportional to your orgasms control. If it is a sensuous and steamy sessions, it is possible that one might experience 3 or 4 orgasms.


So, there are many benefits of having sex and orgasms during sex gives you pleasure and happiness and also keep yourself healthy and fit, also keep the spark of your relationship alive.


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