10 Tips for Good Sex for Arranged Marriages


10 Tips for Good Sex for Arranged Marriages:

Post-marriage it becomes difficult to cope up with sex life. It is necessary that couples keep the spark going between them. However, post marriage, due to work pressure and a strenuous life, think about sex becomes a little difficult.

However, when it is an arranged marriage, the task of initiating the question can become really difficult. Though the intimacy level with you and your partner could be the same even after marriage, the initiative of sex becomes a problem. How to tell your partner that this is the right time? How to make the first move? are some questions which are faced by any married person.

If you think Initiating Sex with your Partner can be Really difficult Post Marriage, the may be Choosing some of these Steps could be of Help:

1) Romantic Dinners:

What is lacking post marriage is the love or the ‘heat’ part of it. If there is no spark, then the marriage fails to kindle any kind of response. Marriages are long term commitments which you need to promise your partner and sex becomes very important for the same. Thus, romantic dinners can be the first step to bring back that love, that lost zeal in the relationship.

2) Get to Know your Partner:

Be sure that you know that everything, everything about the partner. It is very necessary that in arranged marriages you ask the question right to be able to get comfortable with the person sexually.

3) Refreshment/Try Something New:

We get bored of the same food, if we eat them repeatedly over a time. What then do you expect with sex? If you fail to try new poses or do something re-invigoratingly new or refreshing it is difficult to convince your partner to get to bed.

4) Read Together:

This therapy can help for sure. Try to read up something new or refer to some good sexpert books/advices which can as it is help to add the value of sex in one’s life. Reading any common novel can also help.

5) Find Out if Something is Wrong:

Is your partner no more interested in you? Is your partner seeing someone else? What could be the problem which may be keeping away your partner of even initiating the word. Is it his or her personal work life or stress or the pressure put in by colleagues which may be running their mental peace?

6) Is Independence the Issue?

Before sexual partners, you are life partners. Thus, it is very necessary that you hit the right questions at your partner so that they can become comfortable with you.  Sometimes virginity could also be the problem. Confront it and do this and you have hit the nail.

7) Is it the Question of a Child?

Many couples face this problem. Though they may want to have sex eagerly, the question of starting a new family is what can irk them. You need to initiate the conversation with your partner about the same. As we all know that following cycles or using contraceptives can have their own chances of making someone pregnant.

8) Girls can Think a Lot:

You don’t even have the slightest idea of how much a girl can think. As a man, you need to take your partner in confidence that he is okay with controlling it till she feels it right. Or as a woman, you should be able to give the required comfort to your man even if the maternal urge in you is at the highest.

9) Talk to your Best Friend:

Just like you, your friend would have had this problem.  Asking them for the solution could be a way out in understanding if it is actually you who is going wrong or no.

10) Wait for the Right Time:

This can be very testing as a partner who is in deep love with the other one. But waiting for the other one to feel right for doing it would not be a bad option. Would it?

These are some ways which can bring sex in arranged marriages.


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