10 Tips for Good Sex for Love Marriages


10 Tips for Good Sex for Love Marriages:

Everyone wants to have a good sex for love marriages. Love marriages can be difficult as far as considering the wholesome angle is concerned. You have parents involved, friends and later relatives who are more concerned of getting a baby from you than you yourselves.

In such times, what is the pleasure left out of sex? Be it for whatever reason, you must not allow the  entertainment from sex get out.

It is for this Reason that the 10 Tips are being Mentioned Her through which you Learn How to have Good Sex:

1) Go for Romantic Dates:

It is time that you call your partner and go for that romantic time of yours together. It is really high time that dates, dinners and magic takes over the real reason why you got married. So let the sex begin.

2) Sing to Her/Him:

It is so boring to listen to songs again and again that is played from the television. The real fun lies when the songs come out of your partner’s mouth. If you are ready to devote time for the same, then good sex is on your cards.

3) Feel Her/Him:

What can generally happen in love marriages is that, there will be a loss of the excitement of touch. Do not let that happen and if it is happening, touch your partner in the most romantic way to re-invigorate the love.

4) Wear the Best Lingerie:

Ladies this is for yo. If you think you have not paid so much attention to the same then it is time you pay attention to your good, matching lingerie. And as far as men are concerned, sleeping in boxers won’t be that a bad idea.

5) Take Bath:

Sometimes bad body odour could be one of the reasons of turning off your partner. Take a nice shower, smell good and approach your partner for the best sex ever.

6) Do Not Forget Contraceptives:

A partner may not feel confident if he or she sees that the use of contraceptive is to the minimum. Use them so that the pleasure of sex does not phase out and you can do it with ultimate passion.

7) Try New Poses:

In love marriages, the advantage remains that you can speak to your partner about anything and everything. Do not shy from trying new poses. Indeed it can help having good sex.

8) Dirty Talks:

A big help can come by vocally arousing your partner. It is all about playing it in the mind first and later practically applying it. Right?

9) Why in the Bedroom?

It is mandatory to try something new in the relationship always. Thus, going on small outings, camping or a car parked somewhere far could may be garner more interest,love, passion sex.

10) Be Energized:

Know it in your mind that you have to do it good. Knowing it mentally can translate the same sexually.

Do not be worried before having sex. It is the partner you have loved for all our life, it is just being a little more comfortable.


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