10 Tips for Good Sex with Someone New


10 Tips for Good Sex with Someone New:

Do you want to know, how have sex with someone new? It can be difficult to initiate the topic with some one you may not know but it is an essential topic in itself. Yes, be sure that sex with someone new is not that bad and thus practising it effectively is one of the ways to come out of the bubble.

In order to lessen the Awkwardness with that Charming Person, use Any of these Tips:

1) Confront Them:

Take the baton and approach them. Girls detest confronting their fears, if not asked. Boys also fear to open up. Girls would be more likely to talk about their fears if boys ask for the same. Thus, confronting partners can be a good solution to romantically involve them.

2) Gifting Him/Her Something:

A boy-friend or a girl- friend can be gifted with so many good things. You can give them what he or she is expecting from long to be gifted. Gifting your partner with what they want can be the happiest time.

3) Plan a Date:

This is a new person, but yes initiating something so new with them is also so exciting. How many times have you take the efforts of planning a date with your partner? It is very rarely that such a thing could have happened to you . Planning a romantic outing is also so cumbersome. Thus, planning a date could be the way out.

4) Plan a Dance:

How many times has it happened that you have asked your date out on something really special? It happens only if you have the plan of going for a dance in your mind . A dance  is what makes it romantic.

5) Talk Something Special:

When you have met a new partner, you must necessarily do something fun and romantic. It is on this day of love that you can feel the love and be happy. Thus, open up and get to know each other well.

6) Propose to Them:

This could sound as a very vague idea but yes proposing a toast of life and friendship can initiate the heat with them. Do not hesitate to ask the ultimate question to them. What was it that was keeping you from asking her or him the final time. This day could be it.

7) Refreshment/Try Something New:

With a new partner there is need for something new.  If you fail to try new poses or or try something refreshing it is difficult to convince your partner to get to bed. Try to read up something new or refer to some good sex pert books/advice which can as it is help to add the value of sex in one’s life.

8) Is it the Question of a Child?

Many new couples face this problem. Many couples feel like having sex. But the question of sex irks them. You need to initiate the conversation with your partner about the same. Do follow cycles or use contraceptives through they have their own chances of making someone pregnant.

9) Play Games:

Have  you heard of sex games with partners. Those can be really romantic and will surely instigate love.

10) Take them to some Place Cozy:

Your place, her place or whatever it be. A place where both of you feel comfortable is the place to do it.


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