10 Tips to Appease your Boyfriend


10 Tips to Appease your Boyfriend:

Do you know, how to appease your boyfriend? People say it is not easy to be in a relationship. There are fights, misunderstandings and sometimes your partner can take a while longer to be able to come to terms with what you think. Girls especially complain a lot about mood swings and temperament issues of their guys (boyfriends).

However, with love you can conquer all. Here are some tips to understand how you can work on the same, ladies:

1) Praise Him:

Praising a guy (boyfriend) on whatever he does or plans on doing can be a big booster. Guys need that push from their lady loves and you can help them get that. However if he is going in a wrong direction, it is your responsibility too to pull him out.

2) Make Good Food for Him:

Have you thought about this? Making good, yummy food for your partner can be such a soothing experience. He will obviously be lifted off his worries.

3) Massage Him:

Guys love it when their girls tend to cross the line and be comfortable with them. Applying balms on their foreheads, comforting them and making them feel relaxed in your arms are surely the big keys to appeasing your partner. 

4) Do you have his Favourite Collection?

If no go get it. Guys love to listen to music in their times of sorrow. Now when he comes to know that his girl keeps a knowledge of his taste, is not that going to make him merrier? Sure it would.

5) Look Good, Dress Well:

No we are not supporting the claim that you must wear excessive make up to attract the opposite sex. But it is very important that you look good to at least keep him under your spell. Guys love to show off their pretty looking ladies.

6) Buy Him Something:

Why should guys (boyfriends) always be at the giving end of a relationship? If you have the money to spend for his likings you must. Give him something he likes which will impress him.

7) Meet His Parents:

Insisting on meeting in-laws of your partner can be disgusting. However if the relationship has been for longer and if you still have not even seen them then may be taking an initiative of doing so would not be bad.

8) Love Him to the Fullest:

What does this mean? Have you not expressed how much you have fallen for him? Are you falling short of words to tell him how much you are used to him being around? If that is the problem, get set going girl.

9) Initiative the Love:

If you have not had sex for long and if you are waiting for him to drop the question then forget it. Please do not do such a mistake and initiate the sex. Guys can completely get balled over by this.

10) Be a Friend:

The reason to include this in the end is simply that guys hate to express or show their weaknesses to others. You have to be his friend and get him talking if all of the above measures do not work out.

All what guys (boyfriends) need is the assurance that you are there for him and yes ‘only him’. Give them that and they are all yours.


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