15 Essential Items in a Bridal Makeup Kit


15 Essential Items in a Bridal Makeup Kit:

Interested in knowing the essential items in a Bridal Makeup Kit? As the date of your wedding is approaching, your anxiety level must be increasing gradually. You must be worrying things like what to wear during the important occasions, what are the things you need positively for the most important days of your life.

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The stress-free life of yours will surely run its course as soon as the date of your wedding is fixed. While you are making the plans regarding the things you need for your wedding, the list will keep increasing. So, here are the list of some essential items that is a must for the brides to have in their makeup kit:

1) Cleanser and Cotton Balls:

A cleanser is a must in your Bridal makeup kit. Choose a mild cream based cleanser and soft cotton balls to remove your makeup.

2) Concealer:

There is a high chance of having dark circles around your eyes due to wedding stress. To patch up that problem and hide all your skin impurities, you need the help of a Concealer.

3) Foundation:

The base of your make-up is one of the most important things that you need in the duration of the wedding ceremony and different functions. Choose at least 3 types of foundations. For the morning functions, you may need mild foundation. For the actual ceremony, you need a heavy makeup base and also keep your regular foundation for your wedding.  Make sure all of your foundations contain necessary SPF.

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4) Compact:

Don’t forget the compact, especially needed for the daytime rituals.

5) Blusher:

To give your cheeks a rosy glow, you must keep a blusher on your Bridal kit.

6) Lipstick:

Of all other things, the most confusing product of the makeup is the lipstick. Girls normally choose their lipstick according to their mood, the environment or their present attire.  No matter how many lipsticks a girl have, it will always be not enough for a girl.

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So, it must be very difficult for you to forecast which color lipstick you will want in your special day. As a solution, buy at least 5-8 shades for your wedding. Choose lipsticks of mixed shades and textures so that you will have all the options available.

7) Lip Balm or Lip Gloss:

It will be wise to keep lip balm in your makeup kit as the base of your lip makeup. For the glossy effect of your lips, you can choose lip glosses.

8) Lip Liner and Kohl:

These two things are mandatory yet essential for your bridal kit.

9) Eyeliner and Eye Shadow:

For a perfect pair of eyes, you need the eyeliner and eye shadows of different shades. For the eyeliner, if you are fond of any other fancy colours apart from black and brown, make sure you have them all in your Bridal kit.

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10) Mascara and Eyebrow Trimmer:

Your eye makeup won’t be completed until you treat your lashes perfectly. So an eyebrow trimmer and Mascara are a must for your bridal kit.

11) Makeup Brushes:

When you have all the makeup products ready, another important part is the application of it. So to blend the makeup, keep the necessary brushes.

12) Safety Pins and Fashion Tape:

To blot the excess makeup, dust and sweat you must keep Tissues and wet Tissues in your makeup kit.

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13) Tissues and Wet Tissues:

No matter what you are wearing at your wedding, to fix them into the place you need the essential things like safety pins and fashion tapes.

14) Hairspray:

During the never-ending rituals, your hair may get frizzy. You can manage your hair with a hair spray at that time.

15) Perfume:

Your total look cannot be completed till you smell nice. So a nice perfume is a must in your Bridal makeup kit.

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Through this list can satisfy your basic needs, but you can easily find that you own list is endless. So, no matter how much you shop, if you find that you still need something more for your wedding, it is quite natural.


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