15 “Red Flags” Married Couples Ignored but had No Impact on their Relationship


15 “Red Flags” Married Couples Ignored but had No Impact on their Relationship:

Are you facing any Red Flags? In every relationship, there are few stumbles which one needs to check in order to make it a good and forever.

On thinking hard and based on research, we found out that there are some red flags which are absolutely okay for a sound and healthy relation, which can be ignored. If these are some of the red flags, you can still settle for him or her.

Red Flags

1) Wrong for Each Other:

Sometimes you fall in love pretty young and wants to get married but the whole world is standing hammers in hands because they think you are young and still have not attained that level of understanding. It is a huge red flag when no one supports you but it is okay to ignore it if you trust your partner.

Red Flags

2) Young in Love:

With the hit of teenage love becomes a substantial daily dose in our lives. Being serious in a relationship, one definitely sails along the boat with intentions of getting married. If you are in love and trust your instinct, ignore the young red flag because you aren’t naive any more.

Red Flags

3) Weird Hobbies:

Your partner might have some weird hobbies – May be collecting something that would lately seem to totally annoy you. It is okay, let them be because ultimately you are in love and these are minute red flags which don’t affect your relationship much.

Red Flags

4) Alien to some Stuffs:

If your partner doesn’t know things that you know it is completely fine because of course there are things you might not know that your partner does.

Red Flags

5) Serious Trouble in Past:

If you partner had some troubles in past or struggling to make a good career, be there with him or her and support. It is a red flag that can not be only avoided but needs your love and encouragement. Don’t give up on your partner and show them a better path, they will be fine.

Red Flags

6) Like your Parents:

A partner in many cases is like your parent. So what, don’t you love your parents?

Red Flags

7) Long List of Break-ups:

It doesn’t matter what and who was there in the past of your future. What matters is how he or she is with you. Common, we all have past and it is nothing to panic about.

Red Flags

8) Sex was Just Okay:

Now, this is one of the strongest elements for a beautiful and healthy relation. Many a times the sex might not be awesome but that should not be the red flag stopping you because there is always scope of improvement. More than sex, love matters because it is what leads you to prosper in a relationship.

Red Flags

9) Mother-in-Law Warning You:

Sometimes your future mother in law might warn you about not marrying her son or daughter to escape the wrath of their habits. If you trust your partner and have gut feeling about good future, marry him or her.

Red Flags

10) Lies:

It is actually not healthy for a relationship, truly it isn’t but sometimes lies are projected not to cheat on you but to avoid hassles and fight. It might be to get away with household chores or to excuse one from things they could not manage to do. It is okay till it isn’t hurting the base of your relationship. But, ofcourse there is chance and scope of improvement. Talk it out!

Red Flags

11) Divorcees:

It isn’t a red flag because it gives more understanding of each other, about what one expects and probably makes a good connection. We all have right to fall in love, divorcee is just a situation, it is good to get over it.

Red Flags

12) Online Love:

With technological advancement finding love has become very easy. There are many online sites and dating apps meant for single people, if your gut feeling says the person is right there is nothing better. There are couples who moved in together fast after meeting online, they did not see it as red flag and now they are still going strong.

Red Flags

13) A Big Lie:

Maybe your partner lied about something big like his job or his parent’s, it is not good but then try to know the reason behind the lie. It is possible that he or she might be too embarrassed to tell the truth or might want to get over such things. Move one and let the partner move on.

Red Flags

14) Sex is Not Bigger than Love:

There are people especially girls who are not comfortable to lose their virginity before marriage. It might be a big red flag because it definitely is important but if you are in love, it is good to be ignored. Get married and she is all yours.

Red Flags

15) Old School Interest:

Your girl might be an old school person or still might be tuning to back street boy, it is okay – not a red flag at all.

Red Flags

 If these are few things that act as hindrance, do work on it and take care of your relation. They are not big deal and can be dealt with easily.


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