30 Newborn Baby Tips for the First 30 Days


30 Newborn Baby Tips for the First 30 Days:

Becoming Parents to a Newborn Baby is a wonderful experience. And so the wait is over and the baby has arrived. Here are few tips which will be beneficial to you in reducing your stress.

1) Seek Help: For new mothers, asking for help is a key to success. A good guidance from experienced persons like mother and grandmother will help you out in problematic situations.

2) Help from Hospital Resources: A consultation staff can surely guide you in breastfeeding techniques.

3) Prepare for Breastfeeding: While feeding your newborn baby put on some soothing music, television or just grab a magazine as this task is going to take time.

4) Warm Compress: Use of warm compress before breastfeeding will help clear any blocks and will ease your blocked ducts.

5) Cold Compress: These will sooth your sore breast, use after feeding.

6) Take Plenty of Sleep: In between naps when your newborn baby is asleep are perfect for new mothers, this helps to relax and rest.

7) Care Turn Wise: Ask your partner on alternate days to feed baby with pumped milk especially during nights, this will help you get out of sleep deprivation.

8) Pump Breast Milk: You can store the breast milk in sterilized bottles in cold conditions. Unfreeze it and feed the baby with sterilized nipples.

9) Try Rocking Chairs: You can always rock on a chair and make your baby fall asleep.

10) Swaddle: Swaddling the baby helps them to fall asleep easily.

11) Allow Baby to Sleep on Back: Make sure that your newborn baby sleeps on his/her back.

12) Tunes: Good tunes will definitely calm baby.

13) Warm Wipes: This helps to sooth baby especially the sensitive ones.

14) Exercise: Indulge in exercise, this is healthy and will help you to get back your shape.

15) Attention towards Posture: While carrying baby, make sure your back is not arched.

16) No to Over Dressing: Overdressing make baby fussy and uncomfortable.

17) Soak and Sooth: Sooth yourself in a Luke warm water bath.

18) No Exposure to Ill People: Exposure to ill people should be avoided as the immune system of baby is still growing.

19) No Shaking: Avoid shaking your baby while playing or feeding. This greatly affects digestive system and brain.

20) Handle with Care: Give support to the baby’s neck and head.

21) Burp: This is important. This helps in eliminated gases.

22) Sanitization: Always wash your hands with an antiseptic hand wash and sanitize before handling baby.

23) Maintain Regular Feeding Time: Do not disturb the feeding times of your baby, even at night.

24) Change Diaper: Changing diaper after regular intervals helps to keep the newborn baby clean and reduces chances of rash.

25) Try Sponge Baths: Try this till umbilical cord falls off.

26) Have Rich Diet: Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and dry fruits.

27) Forget about House Work: If you relay don’t like the messy house, ask for help or just forget about it.

28) Safety First: Keep pillows and fluffy things near your baby but don’t make it over crowded.

29) Be Attentive: Make sure you baby is handled with proper care by children in the family.

30) Reconnect: Reconnect yourself with the world for atheist 5 minutes.

These tips will surely help you for handling the newborn babies.


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