5 Best Health Tips for this Hot Summer


5 Best Health Tips for this Hot Summer:

Do you want to be Healthy this Summer? Summers can evoke a mix of memories for people. For some it might just be the extreme heat and an unbearable perspiration and for some it could be the juicy mangoes time or time to hit the beaches. Along with this, people also tend to get very conscious about their health and fitness during this season. However, summer is yet to arrive but it would not be a waste of time to gear up from now to welcome the season.

During summers, people can contract a lot of skin problems and even health infections. Knowingly or unknowingly, your body is continuously exposed to the UV rays, which are harmful in nature. Thus, in order to remain in the best of health even during the harsh summers, remember some of the health tips for summers:-

1) Consume Plenty of Water:

This can be one of the most important and healthy tips to be advised during summers. During the summer months, heat and sweat tends to leave your body dehydrated. This causes a lack of water which is harmful to your body and can also tend to make you crave for food when you many not actually be hungry. Thus, it becomes very important to keep yourself hydrated by consuming at least nine to ten glasses of water a day.

2) Exfoliate your Dead Skin:

Summer could mean an increase of dead skin cells on your body. Thus, it is important to exfoliate your skin so that you can keep it smooth and silky. You don’t need to buy any costly product to achieve that summer shine or glow. All you can do is simply use a loafer for a light scrub or end up making your own exfoliation lotion using a handful of milk, yoghurt and oatmeal, and apply the same. You will get a smoother skin texture.

3) Apply Sun Cream:

Applying sunscreens could be beneficial as it protects your skin from other harmful UV rays. Applying SPF 30 or any other good sunscreen lotions can make your outdoor visits enjoyable and carefree. Thus, try to get the best of products in this category.

4) Eat the Right Food:

People do not realize that ultimately what they require in life is the consumption of proper foods and substances. They cannot ignore the consumption of water fruits and vegetables which calls for better resistance and immunity. Thus consume lots of fruits that include watermelons, melons and apples especially. Without sufficient amounts of water in your body, you are leaving it open to contract skin problems and other health issues. So beware.

5) Go for Regular Walks:

It is a must that you regularly exercise and give your body that fitness. In summers, people have a misconception that sitting inside the house and taking as much shade as possible can quickly heal them of their wearies. However that is not the truth. Thus, try and better take care of yourself by exercising and letting out the sweat. Because the more you sweat, the more active your body will remain to fight pathogens and viruses. Also, summers could be the best time to lose weight as well.

These can be the steps taken to enjoy a healthy and lovely summer. However, everything will be okay once you make sure that all the necessary care is taken. One’s body can get really susceptible to bearing heat so be okay, be cool, be good.


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