5 Foods to Avoid for Staying Healthy


5 Foods to Avoid for Staying Healthy:

Do you want to be healthy? The main reason we normally take food because they provide us nutrients essential for being alive. The foods like milk, meats, grains etc provide us Vitamins and minerals which help our lifeline to stay alive. Apart from this, another very strong reason for us to have foods is the desired taste of our favourite foods.

Here comes the main problem, the foods which taste great – they are not always great for our health. For instance, we all love to have chocolate, knowing fully that we intake hell lots of calories with every bite of the Chocolate.  Like the chocolate, there are a couple of foods that can seriously harm your health and be healthy.

In most of the cases we normally find that the foods which are really healthy, they are not so tasty. Likewise, most of the lip-smacking foods are not so healthy for us.

Here are lists of these foods which can be tasty and tempting for our taste bud, but they are not so good for our heath.

1) Pasta:

This popular food born in Italy can be named as a most popular International food. Today, pasta is one of the most common breakfast or meal item was taken by the children as well as the adults. In reality, the Pasta is nothing but Carbohydrates. Apart from acting like a fat, it also destroys the essential Vitamins and Minerals like Calcium and Magnesium from the body in order to get digested. It also reduces the Body’s capacity to burn the fat, thus inducing the chance of gaining the weight.

2) Margarine:

The use of Margarine instead of butter can cause your body harm, rather than reducing the level of Calories. The Margarine contains the Fatty Acids, which can cause many types of harm to your body. The Margarine is actually hydrogenated trans-fat oil which is actually saturated fats.  To avoid these saturated fats, olive oil is a healthy option.

3) Sausage:

Sausage and other cured meats can be very harmful to your body. These cured meats can be directly linked to cancer. Even in this list, hot-dogs are also one of the main mentioned foods. Hot dogs and sausages are also high in saturated fats which can be directly linked to heart problems.  The harmful nitrates of these foods can also cause migraines, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

4) Energy Drinks:

The energy drinks are marketed to be a healthy drink. They are known to provide you energy and containing Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12.  In reality, the energy drinks contain high sugar content and artificial Vitamins which can cause more harm than the good to your health and be healthy.

5) The Microwave Popcorn:

Munching a bucket full of Popcorn in front of your television can be your favourite pastime. We all know that the popcorn is one of the healthiest snacks. However, this fact is not true in the case of Microwave Popcorn. To make the corn microwave friendly, it is added with many Chemicals and preservatives, like diacetyl which can solely cause the destruction of your lungs.

Thus, the foods you are thinking as safe to eat, may not be so safe after all.  It is always advisable to consult the nutritionist even if you are not aiming for a weight loss.


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