5 Homemade Body Lotions for Soft Skin


5 Homemade Body Lotions for Soft Skin:

Skin is like a covers which keep your inner body part safe. It also provides you a pleasant and attractive look. To keep your body safe, healthy and beautiful, it is essential for you to take care of your skin for a healthy and a soft skin.

Regular care and good diet can really do wonders for your skin. Your skin needs nourishment to blossom. Body lotion can be a direct source of nourishment for your skin. We always say that nothing can beat a homemade product and its rich quality. You can use products right from your kitchen as body lotion to beat the roughness of winter. It is a good idea to make a pure and rich moisturiser at home. So, we have come up with a list of amazing Homemade body lotions for soft skin.Ways to Manage the Skin Damage caused by the Winter

1) Aloe Vera Gel + Almond Oil:

Add both ingredients and blend the mixture will it become creamy. Keep it in refrigerator and use 2 times a day to get a smooth and glowing soft skin. Aloe Vera nourishes your skin and also work as a tan block. Almond oil gives your skin richness and glow. It can also be used with eczema.

Best Homemade Lotions for Soft Skin

2) Milk Cream + Olive Oil:

Use Milk cream and a few drops of olive oil as pre-bath body lotion to get an amazingly smooth and soft post bath skin. Take a half spoon of fresh milk cream and put a few drop of olive oil in it and mix well. Rub this paste on arms and legs before taking a bath and let it stay for 30 minutes. Take bath with Luke warm water and use mild soap or body wash. It may feel a bit sticky after applying on body but will leave your skin soft after bath.

Best Homemade Lotions for Soft Skin

3) Coconut Oil + Beeswax:

Take coconut oil and beeswax in equal quantity and melt them. Add almond oil to the mixture. Blend the mixture well till it becomes creamy. Let it cool down and use it for your hands and feet. This lotion will work like magic for dry skin in winters especially for feet.

Best Homemade Lotions for Soft Skin

4) Vitamin E + Milk + Glycerine:

This one is an instant lotion. If you are out of your body lotion and feeling skin drying after bath then take two tablespoon milk, one tablespoon glycerine and add Vitamin E or any essential oil to it and mix well. Take a cotton bud and apply this mixture to your face, arms and feet. Once the mix will be absorbed in ‘soft skin’, it will become smoother and shinier. It moisturises as well as improves the color tone of your skin. Do not store it for long time.

Best Homemade Lotions for Soft Skin

5) Olive Oil + Almond Oil + Vitamin E:

Add all three ingredients and store them in a bottle. You can find Vitamin E in the form of capsules at chemist store. A few drops of this mixture on your skin and a gentle rub can nourish your skin in winters and also give a glow to your skin. All three ingredients of this mixture are very rich in nature and can help you to bring back the brightness of your “soft skin”.

Best Homemade Lotions for Soft SkinHomemade lotions are pure and safe. They are very affordable also. It is a nice idea to ditch body lotions available in market and start using a homemade body lotion. Try these homemade body lotions and keep your skin smooth and bright.


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