5 Reasons Why Some People Choose to Stay Single?


5 Reasons Why Some People Choose to Stay Single?

Are you single and want to stay single? Relationship is itself a very beautiful thing, an essence that there is someone for you and for eternal togetherness. But despite everything there are people who choose to stay single and away from clutters of relationships and commitment.

Different people have different reasons to stay single and it is what keeps them happy. Here are some of the reason people choose to stay single.

1) Waiting for the Right Person:

It is one of the most common threads among people who are still single or choose to be single. In the pursuit of meeting the right person and only settle for the compatible life partner, people choose to stay single till they find someone worth giving all their attention to. Sometime the wait may last longer than expected and you end up remaining single for a decade.

2) Work on Themselves:

There are people who find love and relationship as distraction and in order to fulfil their dreams and goals, they choose to stay single till their career demands are not fulfilled. Many people don’t have enough time to devote to their partners and thus in order to escape the whole ordeal of expectations, fights and bad breaks ups, being single becomes the most obvious option for them.

3) Bad Past and Experience:

Past has a very strong influence on present and the choice we make in our present and for future. If someone grew up in an environment where he or she saw relationships only breaking on bad note, the tendency of remaining single increases for fear of losing someone you love.

Past relationship can also affect the way you consider things now. If someone had a bad past involving a relationship which was nothing more than humanity abuse or got cheated couple of times, they become headstrong and choose to remain single for no more pain and heartaches.

4) Commitment Issue:

If a person has faced repeated encounters of people who failed to give a commitment and always managed to disappoint, he or she becomes highly reclusive and stops looking for love. It is one of the major contributions in driving someone to be single. Alternatively one chooses to remain single because they are not ready for a commitment at the moment and also don’t want to hurt anyone by making false promises.

5) Happy with Self:

Call it self-obsessed or independent but there are some people who cannot love anyone else more than themselves. It also spark characteristics of narcissi but these kinds of people are content with their ourselves and doesn’t like changes which is why they choose to stay single.

They have this feeling that no one else can make them happy but themselves and they have everything to be happy and content. These kind of people empower themselves and stay single as they don’t need anyone else to tell them that they are amazing.

Staying single is absolutely someone’s personal choice and anyone of the above reasons may contribute to their choice. Apart from these there are many things which makes them want to stay single, but the above reasons are major ones.


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