5 Romantic Lines which will Blow away your Partner


5 Romantic Lines which will Blow away your Partner:

What is that you had wanted to confess to your partner? Are you a meek person and too scared to tell the right words. It is okay as even shyness can be one add-on to attracting the person towards you. There are some super hit lines which we can suggest which can obviously want to make your partner come even closer to you:

1) It is okay if you like someone else; that is not going to change my feelings for you:

Unconditional love, feelings are terms which have lost their importance in day-to-day lives. If you think they really have then all you need to do is confess these words to your partner. Imagine if someone comes and tells you the above line; are you not going to feel so loved, so touched? Try using this if ever you had a fight.

2) Do not earn to be with me, do what you like so that I can be with you:

The world can put solid pressure on the person who is even slightly waiting for the chance to earn some money. Work pressure, want to earn more money and working so hard that you can keep your partner happy is the strain which every person wants to be with. If you really want to be with the right person, you are not going to expect him to sacrifice for you, or sacrifice their dreams. Thus, it is better to let go

3) I love you; I want to be with you; I want to grow old with you:

You would have heard the right words come out of the songs of singers who really want to express their love to their partners. The feeling that you are going to be there for your partner in all situation be they good or bad are enough to comfort them. Say them this and they are yours.

4) If you are angry with me; I will wait. If you want to leave me; I cannot let that happen:

You want to act all possessive for your partner if you know the love for him or her is true. Thus, if you want to let that happen then acting all possessive sometimes is also going to be true. So act nagging, act a little demanding and you can be rest assured that you will get the job.

5) If you like Hindi I will be your Raj/Simran, if English is your choice then expect me to be Jack/Rose:

Love relationships can be very demanding and very nice. Thus, if you are in love of your partner and if you plan on staying with him or her for lifetime, then saying this line could be the one way of making them stay for lifetime.

Lines may not work if you do not mean them. Thus, say these lines if you mean them from the deepest of hearts. These are some lines which can really, really accentuate your relationship with them.


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