6 Most Effective Exercises to Reduce Thigh Fat


6 Most Effective Exercises to Reduce Thigh Fat:

Thigh fat at is a common problem nowadays. Being busy in sitting job, people face increase in the unwanted fat on lower part of body. So, Burning this fat is the need of today’s most of the people. Going to the gym is a fun for some but it can be irritating for others. If you don’t feel like going to gym, you can do exercise at home also. To keep your body and your mind healthy, you need to keep yourself fit.

‘Thigh fat’ is the cause of many health issues. It can be one of the hurdles in living your life with utmost fun. You might have faced the problem that you are not able to wear the clothes of your choice. Your thighs need special to cut down the fats. So, start practicing some exercises and avoid fatty food to enjoy your healthy life. 10 Healthy Breakfasts to Lose your Fat

6 Most Effective Exercises to Reduce Thigh Fat

Here are some basic exercises to reduce your thigh fat:


Stand with your feet apart. Put forward your right leg and bend your knee till it forms a 90-degree angle or right thigh is parallel to the floor and bring your opposite knee one inch above the ground. Get back to the starting position and do it with opposite leg.


Stand with your feet apart. Now bend yourself in a sitting position so that thighs are parallel to floor as if you are sitting on a chair. To balance your body, stretch your arms in front and keep them in parallel to the floor. Stay in position for 30 seconds.

The Single-Leg Circle:

Lie down on mat and keep your hand by sides and your palms facing downwards. Raise your left leg and rotate it outward. Inhale, and you can trace your circle on ceil with your left leg. Make your hips still. Make 5 circle in clockwise direction and 5 circles in anticlockwise direction. Switch your legs and you can repeat 5 times.

6 Most Effective Exercises to Reduce Thigh Fat

Inverted V-Pipe:

First lie down on the mat facing the floor. Lift your body to make an inverted V shape and balance your body on your hands and toes. Now move your legs in and out for about 30 seconds by pulling your legs towards your body and then pushing it away from hands.

Butt Lifter:

First of all, lie down facing towards ceiling and bent your knees with flat feet. Extend your right leg towards ceiling with toes pointed. Squeeze your glutes and lift your hips so that a straight diagonal can be formed between left knee and shoulder. Lift your hips higher and then back to the previous position for 1 set. Repeat it for 15 times. You can switch legs and then repeat.

Leaping Firmer:

First you need to stand and bring your feet together, and then clasp your hands in front of your chest. Put your left leg in a forward lunge. Push off the floor immediately and jumping as high as you can. While landing put your right leg forward. Do it 15 times as quickly as possible.

Do these exercises regularly and avoid fatty food to reduce your thigh fat”. To have slim thigh practice these exercises daily.


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