6 Secrets to Spice up your Sex Life


6 Secrets to Spice up your Sex Life:

Are you happy with  your Sex Life? Sex is very important for a relationship to bloom and blossom but gradually with time to seem to fade away. Reason for boring and not happening sex life is repetitive ways of avoiding it, stress and diminishing love.

Sex Life

How you do you spice up your sex life? Is there a way, of course there are ways how you can get rid of the boring cliche sex, spice it up and getting your relationship to a whole new level. Here are some ways you can change your bedroom moves.

1) Be Seductive:

It is one of the most effective ways for girls and ladies can heat it up. Start with a sexy, sultry gown or lingerie that makes your man want you more. Wear that lacy dress and be the tease he desires. That boring shorts is no more doing good, undressing and dressing the same way is boring, let him start by sliding off those satin straps.

Sex Life

2) Don’t be Lazy:

The only way to spice up your sex life is by saying yes to it. We are often busy in our lives with work and tension boiling our head. It should not be an excuse to stop the erotic energy flowing. If your partner is trying to make love, start putting efforts and reciprocate because good sex totally depends on mutual contribution.

Sex Life

3) Discuss and Teach:

When you make love, you are more aware of your body and of the zone that makes are erroneous, about things that turns you on and also how you get orgasm in perfect way. Tell and talk about it to your partner, let him know what turns you on. Try to find out what your partner likes. The key to have a good and awesome sex is to understand each other to pint of satisfaction.

Sex Life

4) Flirt and Talk:

Initiate with a little flirt, tease your love and take him or her to the point of desiring you. A good sex can start only when there is lot of emotion and talking, discussion and bonding. How to start you? It is your love story, your relation and you are in charge of it. Maybe start from a little sexting or flirty messages.

Sex Life

5) Extended Foreplay:

The power of foreplay is amazing and you can absolutely spice up your sex time. Normal sex is over rated, you do your action and go off your ways, lame right. Woo your partner with some steamy kisses, ignite the passion with caressing and wrap within the sheets to make it tempting. Make your foreplay sessions extended so that your reach the orgasm and kick start for hot sex.

Sex Life

6) Try New Things:

Bored of the same missionary style!! It is your arena, who is stopping you from experimenting and trying new positions. Mix your sex time with amazing positions and different styles, so that you feel the heat and doesn’t lose the charm of sex. Try talking while having sex, it works like magic.

Sex Life

Understand that where many things are necessary for relation, sex is equally important because it brings intimacy and strengthen the bond. Don’t give up on your partner and yourself with the regular sex, spice it up your way, make it happening so that the moments become special and better than before.


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