7 Basic Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair


7 Basic Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair:

We all want to have a good personality. Personality not only includes your skin and body but also takes beautiful and healthy hair into consideration. Hair has problems like dandruff, scalp infection, hair fall, graying of hair. Generally girls apply a lot of chemical on their hair to have long hair, color their hair or do many other activities which will harm their hair and are also very costly. Here are some basic tips for healthy hair:

Comb your Hair:

Do not comb wet hair. If you want to untwist your hair use wide tooth comb. Using Wide tooth comb will massage your scalp and is good for hair growth. Do not hard bristles comb or brush. Do not other’s helmet, caps or comb it may lead scalp infection.

Excessive use of Hair-Dyer is Harmful:

To have a glow on hair keep, yourself hydrated and make a habit of keeping a bottle with you almost all time. Avoid using hair-dyers regularly and whenever you use it, use it wisely. According to experts, it is good if you use a towel to dry your hair and then let them dry in naturally.

Avoid Chemicals and Treatments:

Avoid using harsh chemicals like chlorine in pools, bleaches and treatments like straightening repeatedly. Do not use sulphate, paraben and alcohol-free shampoos. Use hair oil on your damp hair before going to bed and wash your hair with shampoo in the morning or if you don’t want to apply at night then massage your scalp 10 minutes before bath. To see good results, do this once or twice a week.

Quality Sleep is Essential:

Sleep is very important for good hair. Regular sleep of 8 to 10 hours at night keeps you healthy and fresh. Disturbance in sleep can cause fall in hair. So, try to have a good sleep at night for healthy hair.

Remove Split Ends:

Remove split ends by regular trimming or cutting every 6-8 weeks. At home also you can cut 1 inch from the split. Split ends make your hair thin, weak and dull so make sure to get rid of split ends for stronger hair. Do not chemical products to remove splits because it will not work for longer time.

Wash your Hair Regularly:

Your hair has to face dust, rays of sun and sweat. Wash your hair at least thrice in a week from herbal shampoo. If you have normal hair, you can wash alternatively with good quality of shampoo and conditioners. Use shampoo according to your hair type. Do not use shampoo directly on your hair, mix it with a small amount of water and then apply on your scalp for 2 minutes.  

Healthy Diet:

A healthy diet is very important for healthy hair. Your diet should include protein, calcium and iron for reducing hair fall. Carrots, dairy products, whole grains, poultry, eggs walnuts are essential for good hair.

Women worried a lot about their hair’s growth. Applying good quality shampoo or another chemical product is not enough. All your habits are also important. Hair adds a charm to your personality; therefore, it deserves proper care and concern of yours.


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