7 Dos and Don’ts for Tummy Time With Baby


7 Dos and Don’ts for Tummy Time with Baby:

Tummy time is necessary process for a baby in order to digest the food, as baby does not have any activity to do, other than eat and sleep, due to which they cannot digest the food properly, in order to make them digest the food properly and help them not to suffer from any type of constipation, it is necessary that they should be given the tummy time, where they can lie down on their tummy and play a lot by taking their hand and leg i.e. stretching their hand and legs a bit, as well as holding their head too, this will help to digest the food.

Moreover, it is also recommended by doctor too, in order to make the baby play on their belly button, which help them prevent the cranial asymmetry or it referred to as flat head. And it also strengthens their neck, shoulder, arms and body and help baby to sit, roll, crawl etc. Along with benefits which tummy time could provide, there are also certain things which need to be taken care while you are allowing your baby for the tummy time:

Below are the 7 Do’s and Don’ts of Tummy Time:

1) Try to Start Slow for Tummy Time:

You may opt for starting having your little one practice the tummy right away; however, it would be good if you can wait until her umbilical stump fall off. Try to keep your baby for less amount of time on their tummy like 1 to 2 minutes of interval every 4 – 5 days and once you feel that they are good with that, after that increase the time to keep them on tummy.

2) Do Not Stress yourself in case they are Not Following the Tummy time:

There is no point of taking stress, in case you cannot make your daily routine: In case your baby is not completing its tummy time, then there is no point in taking stress on the same, it always depend on your baby, if they like they will try but if they feel uncomfortable or scared of doing the same then they may not opt for doing it.

3) Keep Towel or Soft Pillow under their Armpit:

It is good idea to keep towel under their armpit: It would be good to keep towel or soft pillow under their armpit, as this will help in preventing any raises on their arms or tummy area while you have keep them for tummy time.

4) Do Not Attempt to ask them do the Tummy Time during Night when it is Time for Sleep or when they are Hungry:

Baby’s will not cooperate with you in case they are too tired or hungry, so it is good that you try the tummy time at regular interval of time, but not when they are hungry or tired. As they may not respond in case you try them to do so.

5) Try to Use another Variation for Tummy Time:

You can also use another variation of doing the tummy time in your baby, you can opt for keeping them on your chest, and this will help them out to do the tummy time in case they are keen in doing so, while we keep them down on floor or bed.

6) Try to Make them Concentrate of Certain Objects:

It is also good idea to give baby to look for, while they are doing tummy time, as during tummy time, if they are not concentrated on certain object, then they may not take keen interest in tummy time and may cried out or asks you to pick them up. Hence, it would be good if you keep their favourite time in front of them, when you are doing the tummy time, as this will help them out to concentrate on the same and enjoy the tummy time.

Hence, tummy time is very important, but certain things you will need to take care of, when you keeping your baby on the tummy time, need to keep them in safe area, under your supervision, make them enjoy tummy time by making them concentrating on their favourite toy which will help them to do tummy time, without any problem.


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