7 Reasons Why Women Dump Men


7 Reasons Why Women Dump Men:

Do you want to know, why Women Dump Men? Women is someone who usually is more delicate and sensible in a relationship. Many a times women ignore the reckless and irresponsible behaviour of a man but if this behaviour of his becomes a continual pattern, in that women become strong and doesn’t take time to say – “I DUMP YOU. YOU DON’T DESERVE ME”. Here are few reasons why women dumps men.

1) Too Obnoxious and Moody:

There are guys who are moody and don’t know to treat their women right. They react to the slightest and smallest matter. They are too busy and messed up to share their feelings and not expressive at all. Women will always give him time to change but if he doesn’t change, she would simply choose to leave him and go, after all no one wants to live with a dead rock all life.

2) He is the Girl in Relationship:

Every women deserves a man who is protective, caring and matured. But sometimes it reverses in a very awkward manner because you man depends on you for everything and is not manly enough to fight for you. Not if women is straight she definitely doesn’t need another women in relationship.

3) Possessive and Doesn’t give Space:

There are some guys who are very possessive in a relationship and will keep picking fights with you unnecessarily. A relationship is based on understanding and trust which if doesn’t exist, makes no sense. Out of the relationship you need time to breathe and need your space. If women continuously find men invading her space she will have no option rather than dumping him.

4) Always with his Friends:

Hanging around friends when you are like 25 or in college makes sense and even at later stage it does but dedicating all time to them doesn’t ring a bell. A man who spends so much time with his friends makes you think of lot of things and it gradually ruins the relationship you share. Women shows her concern about this issue and if her men is still not ready to take it, she happily dumps him.

5) Workaholic:

Like everyone in this world works but it doesn’t always revolve around work. Women are ambitious, independent and have a good career but love a man who can balance life the way they do. If a man is dedicating all his time on his work as well as also getting work home, it gets annoying and frustrating at times. Little fights go awry and women find no other option than parting ways.

6) Does Not Listen:

When there are arguments and fights, he doesn’t want to listen and only wants to prove himself right. There are times when a man doesn’t try to understand the reason behind the arguments, doesn’t give chance to explain and avoid healthy discussion. It is a major distraction which often leads women to leave their man.

7) Always about Sex:

There are man who otherwise never express a morsel of anything, is not loving but when it comes to bed he is the sweetest and most loving man on the earth. Also while making out he doesn’t care about your satisfaction but the moment he has his climax everything winds up. Women with pleasure dump such men because they are not worth their time and importance.

So next time women has dumped you and kicked you out of her life, try to introspect the reason and you never know when you may find something in the above section as the possible reason.


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