8 Keys to Healthy Relationships


8 Keys to Healthy Relationships:

Relationships are very delicate and need to be nurtured with care, love, honesty and understandings. The key for successful relationship differ from couple to couple. Some relationships require space, a few better understanding and some just require respect for each other. With the changing world, the characteristics of relationships are also changing and require area of improvement. The unhealthy relationships have many sings which are indicates as violence, abuse, emotional and monetary manipulation.

If you too are stuck in unhealthy relationships or just want to nurture in better way, then following article will help you to figure it out and will give dimension to your relationship.


The best way to have a strong relationship is to communicate. Do not fight over small things, just sit down and communicate your views, thoughts and feelings. Dominating factor will just tear you apart. Dominating factor adds frustration and renders unhealthy relationship. Communication is for understanding, even you may not agree on same line but at least you will come to know the though process of your loved ones. Remember don’t pent up feelings, communicate.


It is the elemental thing and the supporting brick of any relationship. Respect your partner and their feelings. Respect comes to you when you give it to other person. Admire each other and see the magic in your relationship in a positive way.

Give Personal Space:

Every individual on this earth need their freedom and “My space”. Do not try to invade in the personal space of your partner. Spending quantitative time is not important in any relationship, this brings boredom and relationship fails. Spend quality time with each other and involve in things which interest you both. But do spend time with yourself doing the things which you like.


Appreciate each other for even minute things may be for a cup of coffee or dinner. This lightens the spark of love and respect. Daily appreciation is required for building a successful relationship.


Money plays a vital role in each and every relationship. Most likely, one makes more money than the other. So, for creating a healthy relationship, both should have equality on money matters.


A relationship dies, if dishonesty is showed off from partner. Admit it when you go wrong, truthfulness will lead to a happy and honest relationship. Hiding things and keeping secrets from your partner will land you in trouble once the things are out in front of your partner by any means.

Sex Life:

Find time for sex, it’s the best stress and frustration buster. Sex should always be in mutual agreement, in the aspects of how and when to do. You can simply say “NO” to your partner without criticism. There’s nothing wrong in saying no.


Cooperate with your partner on life goals and achievements. Respect each other’s achievements and stand by side when things start to doom. This strengthens the relationship bonding and gives strength to work hard for goals determined by you and your partner.

A healthy relationship always needs two mature individuals who respect the difference.


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