8 Tips to Know when You should Leave a Relationship?


8 Tips to Know when You should Leave a Relationship?

Do you want to know, when to Leave a Relationship? Relationships are very delicate with regular ups and down which is acceptable but sometimes there are certain red flags that we should not ignore. There is a thin line between things that are accepted and unaccepted in a relationship, you are in charge of it and you should know when to call it off.

There have been times when you are in a relationship for a long time and it feels there is nothing left in it and it is time to part ways. It is necessary to try to rekindle the love but if it still doesn’t work out you should take a break and eventually break up. Here are few things that will tell you that your relationship is going nowhere and it is time to call it off and move on.

1) Physical Abuse:

It is one thing you should never ever tolerate and take a stand for yourself. The moment you give him or her right to hit you, it becomes a regular habit. No matter how much you love the person but it is not healthy and good for you to be with a person who harms you physically. There are times when after being abusive the partner is apologetic and swears never to repeat it, but what was done once can happen again. Leave immediately and never to come back.

2) You Cry more than Smile:

Relationships and love is not always happiness and rainbows but the major part of it should be making you smile and be happy. You stay with a person to make your life beautiful and not worst, if your relationship only frustrates you and makes you sad, it should ring a bell immediately that you are in a wrong relationship and it is time to move on.

3) You Lose your Identity:

Being in relationship should empower your and not diminish your identity. Love and relationship is something that is unconditional, acceptance of each other and being with each other along with giving each other space. If you find yourself changing from your original self to something that is no more you, or your partner expects you to change according to him or her, not the right choice to still stay in the relationship.

4) Doesn’t Change Bad Habits:

Relationship is more like accommodating with each other, a lifetime adjustment to try change for good. If you expect a person to change his bad habits and he/she doesn’t keep up to their promise, it should be enough for you to understand that the relationship is going to be always wobble. If there is lot of differences between two people, there will be only fights and disagreements which is why if you don’t see a positive change, move apart.

5) No Efforts by your Partner:

Do you feel that you have been doing everything to keep the relationship going? If yes, it is time you get rid of the person and start putting your efforts to find a right person for you. Love and relationship should include efforts from both ends and if your partner doesn’t take any effort, it is no point dragging the relation because the moment you stop taking efforts your relationship any ways will go for toss.

6) Casual Approach:

You are in middle of a serious discussion or you are speaking about something important, if your partner doesn’t pay attention and be casual about things, try to make him/her understand and they don’t it is enough to think of calling it quits. Sometimes when you are the giver in a relationship your partner becomes casual about things and takes you for granted. If it is happening to you, it is time you go your way.

7) Financial Abuse and Dependency:

It is a common thing that usually happens in relationships where one partner tries to exploit the other partner with financial use. Sometimes a partner might refuse to work and the whole burden comes on you when you have actually decided that both of you will work, it is not healthy for a relationship. There are times when you have nothing left for you because you were struggling to pay off debt that was laid by your partner but if it becomes an usual habit it is time to separate. If your partner is purposely using you for money and finance, don’t let him/her do it any more.

8) Commitment Phobic:

If you share everything with your partner starting from your life, house, finance and bed but your partner is not ready to give you commitment, it should a strong reason to quit the relationship. This is not good for you because you are trapped in a wrong relation living in the fear that you partner might leave any time as well loose all possibilities of giving space to someone else. Love and relationship is all about commitment and if a person cannot give that, there is no point living with such person.

If your relationship is going for a toss try to change it, talk with your partner and discuss expectations in an amicable way. After all efforts even if still your relationship is sailing through a rough patch and you observe the above signs, it is time to buckle up and drive away. Trust yourself because you are better without that person.


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