9 Reasons Why Women Dump their Men


9 Reasons Why Women Dump their Men:

Do you know, why women dump their men? Marriage is a complex affair where women in recent time have raised their voice to break the barrier. The difficult part is to find what went wrong between the two that forced them to separate. We have jot down few common replies by those women who have decided to move out of their marriage.

Women Dump

1) ”My Husband did Not have Time”:

Many wives are demanding and they expect lump-sum amount in their husband’s account. When such greedy women find their husband incapable of fulfilling their demands they just prefer to move on. Obviously, they lead a materialistic life.

2) “I am Not Satisfied”:

This is a very common answer from a married girl who is highly pissed off with her marriage. It may sound odd but sex is a vital factor for which many couples call off their marriage. Women also have an urge to get uninterrupted physical pleasure on bed and when a man lacks the ability to get her turned on, the girl hardly hesitates to ditch the man i.e, women dump their men.

Women Dump

3) Indiscipline:

Guys are mostly shabby and they lack discipline. On the other hand, girls want a sophisticated, clean and a decent guy. They expect their husband to be punctual. Irregularity is highly deplorable in relationship.

4) Abusive Husband:

Many women are victims of social evils. Qualified and independent women never tolerate constant insult and domination. They choose their own path according to their convenience. Any nasty comment and behaviour can lead to their separation.

Women Dump

5) Family Matter:

Sometimes girl also points out at the groom’s family and finds faults in them. They dump their men for their extended family. Interfering in-laws, unsocial relatives are not welcome for many newly-wed brides of this generation.

6) Cheating:

Sometime the reason for separation is a third person. The girl may fall for someone even after marriage and similarly husband also cheats his wife by dating another woman at the same time. Self-respectful girls never live with a man who is having an extramarital affair. They also don’t hesitate to move on in case they find love in any other man.

Women Dump

7) “He is Not Dependable”:

A girl always searches for a shoulder to cry. When she finds her husband more busy with food, fun and friends she chooses to call it off. Some boys pay no heed to their girlfriends and their constant demands. They simply take it to have fun without any involvement.

On the contrary, a girl always expects a man who will be responsible for spoiling her with expensive items. In reality when she gets a lazy irresponsible person who is not at all concerned about her life, she never thinks twice to ditch him and this is how women dump their men.

8) Lack of Freedom:

Today’s women are like free bird. Being financially independent they know the secret of leading a peacefully stable life. They don’t give a damn to their husband’s opulent possession. When they don’t get the required freedom for life they choose to step out of their marital bonding. Dominance is intolerable for any successful women.

Women Dump

9) “He Leads a Dubious Life”:

Any relation is based on trust and transparency. When the lady finds her husband leading a suspicious life and reluctant to unveil his secret she gets worried. She assumes he is hiding something. Their ship takes a U-turn or sink in the midway for this reason.

There’s a fair share of common women who easily get over their old relation and can take a break for the new challenge. There’s nothing wrong if you want to get rid of any trouble in your life but you should have a justified reason to dump your man.


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