Are you Emotionally Healthy?


Are you Emotionally Healthy?

Emotional health, though it is normally not perceptible by the people, but it is one of the most essential guiding factors of human behaviours. This is the reason that people who are in control of their emotional behaviour are generally healthy not only emotionally, but also physically. These people can easily handle their life challenges that more often they face.

So, for the overall enjoyment of a happy life, balancing of emotional health is indispensable. Read this article, it will not only help you to understand the concept of emotional health, but also help you to improve your emotional health and maintain your physical health.

Emotional Health

What is Emotional Health?

Emotional health is directly related to your mind or psychological well-being. Your feelings (about anything including yourself), ability to manage these feelings, different kind of relationship, etc. everything is largely managed by your emotional health.

However, absence of mental health problems (such as free from anxiety, depression, or other psychological problems) does not ensure a healthy mental health. Or in other words, not feeling bad is necessarily not equivalent to feeling good. Many people do not have any psychological problem still they need emotional support in achieving a good emotional health. 

Signs of Emotional Health:

Following are the signs of a good emotional health:

  • Zeal of living happily
  • Desire to laugh and have fun
  • Felling of contentment
  • Ability to manage stressful situation smartly (without taking any stress)

Emotional Health

  • Sense to understand the changing circumstances
  • Eagerness to learn new things
  • Sense to value and maintain the relationships
  • Ability to maintain the balance between the professional and personal activities
  • Must have self-confidence and high self esteem

What Causes Bad Emotional Health?

Following are the important causes for bad emotional health:

  • Trauma or any other serious incident especially at early stage of life, for example, death of parent, major accident, torture (at young stage) by someone, etc.
  • Lack of emotional attachment at young stage, for example, either in absence of parents or even negligence of parents, the caretaker did not provide the proper love and care
  • Negative experiences, many times the negative sense make you feel helplessness and you cannot do even a small work. Such kind of situations leads anxiety

Emotional Health

  • Illness, especially chronic illness is also a major cause of bad emotional health
  • Addiction, habit of excessive smoking, drinking alcohol, or drugs cause many health problems that directly affect to mental (emotional) problem as well.
  • Side effects of drugs, many drugs or medicines have bad side effect, especially in a condition when someone takes for long time; it also leads to bad emotional health.

Problems of Bad Emotional Health:

Following are the major problems of a bad emotional health:

  • Remaining senseless
  • Feeling hopeless, hapless, or helpless
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Sleeping disorder (normally not feeling to sleep)

Emotional Health

  • Having negative or other destructive thoughts
  • Remaining frighten or anxious
  • Using drugs, alcohol, or nicotine to cope up with the adverse emotions
  • In extreme condition, think to suicide

How to Identify your Bad Emotional Health?

Following are some of the questions, if your answer is ‘YES’ (of any of the question), it means you are suffering from bad emotional health (in some way):

  • Do you feel angry, anxious, or annoyed more often?
  • Do you remain (most of the time) worried about anything?
  • Do you feel guilty even for a minor (every time) issue?
  • Do you feel some weird behaviour in your choice or in some activities?

Emotional Health

  • Do you have sleeping problem or restlessness?
  • Do you have problem in relationship that you are not able to discuss with anyone?
  • Do you feel to consume or other drugs or even attempt to suicide to solve your problem?

Tips to Improve Emotional Health:

In order to strengthen as well as maintain your emotional health, it is very important to pay attention to your own feelings and requirements.

However, following are the important tips, which practice will definitely help to improve emotional health:

  • Understand your own feelings, wishes, or desire
  • Do not suppress your own wishes and desire every time
  • Do positive things in such a way that should also benefit or influence others
  • Practice self-discipline

Emotional Health

  • Try to enjoy every moment, beauty of nature, or other things around you
  • Do not let any negative thought come in your mind
  • Learn how to discover new things
  • Find source of a regular entertainment (especially when you have leisure time)

Strategies and Plans to Maintain Emotional Health:

Following are the important strategies, which practice help to maintain emotional health:

  • Keep yourself engaged in some creative work
  • Understand your sense to know the inner wish of yourself
  • Do not stuck with any work or place for long time in continuity, but rather take break from your work go on excursion or participate in other recreational activity, this is one of the best ways of avoiding stressful situation

Emotional Health

  • Fix your leisure time for a recreational activity or what you like to do such as helping others, teaching children, etc.
  • If you do something good, don’t forget to honour or appreciate yourself
  • Find a fix time at which you can practice yoga, meditation, etc., regularly

Benefits of Being Emotional Healthy:

There are many benefits of being emotional healthy all-time. For example, it helps to:

  • Maintain healthy relationship (personal as well as professional)
  • Remain happy in all time

Emotional Health

  • Solve stressful situation with ease
  • Participate in life with the full enjoyment and in productive and meaningful way

Moreover, the positive characteristics of an emotional health facilitates you to get others’ appreciation and recognition, which is imperative for a happy life.


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