Are you Suffering from Premature Graying of Hair?


Are you Suffering from Premature Graying of Hair?

The graying of hair is one of most common and inevitable occurrence of life while you are ageing.  People only worry while this graying of hair occurs earlier than it should be. Our hair is one of the most prized parts of our body.

It contributes hugely how we will look; therefore, we normally take a great pain of making it glossy, smooth, un-frizzy and non-tangled. Yet, all our efforts are most likely to run out of our window if we land up with prematurely gray hair. So here are some basic facts about premature graying of hair and how to prevent that.

Some Common Reasons for Premature Gray Hair are:

  • The prime cause of prematurely gray hair can be Heredity. If your parents or the forefathers have a tendency of premature graying of hair, you can also land up with gray hair at an early age.
  • Overstress and regular tensions in your daily life can also trigger gray hair in an early age. Stress is one thing we cannot ignore in our daily life. Along with that, if your body is not receiving enough nutrition due to your hectic schedule, it can cause a huge problem. The malnutrition can stop your scalp producing essential element Melanin, which is most likely to cause premature graying hair.
  • The people suffering from chronic cold are also prone to have gray hair prematurely.
  • Washing your hair with excessively hot water every day can cause premature graying of your precious hair. That’s why it is always advised to use lukewarm water to wash your hair instead of hot water.
  • The lack of essential Vitamins like Vitamin C, B and the necessary minerals like iron, copper, iodine in your regular diet can result into premature graying of your hair.
  • If you are having problems with your liver for a long time, it can cause premature graying of your hair.
  • The unclean scalp can also cause a few white hairs in any age. The dust from the pollutions, dandruff destroys the Melanin on your scalp. If those are not cleaned for a long time, it can cause you premature gray hair.
  • The use of hot blow drier regularly can destroy the essential elements or the cells of your head, which is most likely to cause you gray hair.
  • Anaemia is another disease which can result into premature graying of your hair.

Some of these causes are really unavoidable in our daily life. Like the common diseases like Liver trouble, Anaemia is unavoidable, so is the problem like Heredity and stress.

Some Basic Preventions Tips to Avoid Graying of Hair at an Early Age are:

  • Eat healthily and drink lots of water. Avoid the oily and junk food as much as possible and include lots of fruits in your daily diet. The fruits normally supply Vitamins, Minerals in your body which protects your body and hair.
  • Enroll yourself in some physical activity every day like Gym, jogging, cycling etc to supply enough oxygen to your body to prevent graying of hair.
  • Avoid stress as much as possible and get enough sleep to keep your body function normal.

Overall, though in some cases it is impossible to prevent the graying of hair at an early age, a healthy lifestyle can sometimes solve this problem.


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