Baby’s First Month Do’s and Don’ts


Baby’s First Month Do’s and Don’ts:

Is it your Baby’s First Month? A new born brings a bundle of joy and happiness. You as a new parent may not be known many things about parenting. You may be confused with pretty many things like what to do and what not to do. When a baby arrives, the newborn bring many rules which are to be applied for better parenting.  

Parenting comes with daily experience and each day is a new adventure. We have gathered together few do’s and don’ts to help you in your parenting.

Do’s (Baby’s First Month):

  • Never Say to Help: As a new mom, the experience is new. For each step you are going to need expert guidance. This guidance can be obtained from the mother or grandmother. A paediatric consultation will better help. If someone is offering you a help, try not to say no. Each help is crucial and beneficial in its own way. Even a elementary help after the delivery will add to the difference.
  • Feeding Angle: A 45 degree of feeding angle should be maintained. If you baby is bottle fed then tilt the bottle in such a way that the neck of the bottle is filled with milk.
  • Bubble to Pop Out: Before feeding the baby, make sure all the bubbles from the bottle are popped out. This helps in minimizing the swallowing of air by the baby. Excess air and gases creates discomfort in baby’s stomach.
  • Sleeping on Back: Making the baby sleep on their back not only gives a better sleeping posture but also it is a best precaution against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
  • Sanitize: Before handling the baby, you should always wash your hand and sanitize them. This reduces the risk of infection.
  • Burp: Make sure you newborn burps each time after having the feed. This helps to eliminate gases.
  • Change Diaper: A diaper should be changed after each poop; otherwise it may lead to skin rash to the new born. A diaper should be changed at regular intervals of time.
  • Swaddle the Baby: It is an important thing to be done. Swaddling is just wrapping the baby’s arms and legs in a blanket. This gives a sense of security to the baby. The baby accepts swaddling as a womb environment and feels comfortable.

Don’ts (Baby’s First Month):

  • Shaking: Shaking is not recommended after feeding and after their loud cry. Shaking can lead to internal bleeding or Shaken Baby Syndrome.
  • Don’t Juggle like the Ball: Do not play with the newborn roughly. This may lead to fatality.
  • No Soft Toys: The newborn may be allergic to soft toys. Irritation can be caused with the hair of the soft toys. Avoid dumping the baby’s crib with soft toys.
  • Do Not use Perfumed Wipes: newborns are sensitive and their bum may not be able to tolerate excessive chemicals. Use plain water and clean cloth.
  • Avoid Break of Sleep: Newborns need 16 hours of sleep in a day. Avoid waking them up. Sleeping helps them to grow.

Parenting is not easy but you will be perfect in handling your newborn (Baby’s First Month) with each passing day.


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