Benefits of Olive Oil for Health, Hair and Skin


Benefits of Olive Oil for Health, Hair and Skin:

Do you know, what are the benefits of Olive Oil for Health, Hair and Skin? Although Olives are eaten as raw, the main use of this amazing fruit is the extraction of the oil. Edible olive oil is one of the major components in Mediterranean diet. One of the greatest reasons of why the inhabitants around Mediterranean remain so healthy is the regular consumption of olive oil.

It is mostly used in the cooking often instead of vegetable oil. Thus, the foods become thousand times healthier than the food cooked in vegetable oil. The Olive oil is mostly richer in Mono unsaturated fats, which is one of the healthiest dietary fats.

The source of olive oil is the fruit named Olive, which mostly grows in the Mediterranean region. Apart from its use as edible oil, it is also used in Cosmetics, Medicines and often used as message oil. In the ancient era, this amazing oil is used for lighting the lamps. The health and skin benefits of the olive oil are in-numerous. Let’s start with discussing some amazing benefits of olive oil.

Olive Oil for Health (Benefits of Olive Oil):

  • The olive oil contains Mono unsaturated fats, which are the main reasons the people around Mediterranean remain slim even after a huge consumption of oily foods.
  • The olive oils also prevent the cardiovascular diseases. Regular consumption of olive oil lowers the risk of the most common Cardiovascular diseases, like high blood pressure or hypertension, high blood Cholesterol or hyper lipidemia , thus reducing the risk of stroke.
  • It is believed that excess intake of fried foods can increase the risk of a heart problem. However, this myth is not true in the case of the foods fried in Extra Virgin olive oil. The Mono unsaturated fats of the extra Virgin Olive oil takes care of the heart health. Apart from frying, the olive oil is also eaten with bread, salads etc. Thus, it reduces the chances of heart attack.
  • The olive oil contains a type of natural phenolic compound, named Oleocanthal which helps in preventing the mental problems, like Alzheimer’s disease. The Oleocanthal also contains anti-inflammatory agents, hereby working like a natural pain killer.
  • The anti-oxidants in the extra virgin olive oil make you more resistant to the infections. It also protects your immunity system.

Olive Oils for Hair and Skin (Benefits of Olive Oil):

  • Olive oil is well-known for its anti-ageing properties. The natural signs of anti-ageing like wrinkles, fine lines are lesser in the people who intake olive oil regularly. Olive oil is also used in making the various anti-ageing skin products.
  • The olive oil is also used in excellent massage oil. Especially for the people with dry skin. It also soothes various kinds of rough and irritated skin.
  • The olive oil improves the elasticity of the skin, thereby lightening the ugly stretch marks from our skin.
  • For the hair, it solves the problems of itchy scalp, dandruff etc. The problems of frizzy hair or the split ends also improves with the use of olive oil.
  • The application of olive oil improves the blood circulation of your scalp. It also acts as the natural hair conditioner.

This cornerstone of Mediterranean life is one chance to make ever life easier from almost every prospect.  


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