Best Ways to Care your Ears


Best Ways to Care your Ears:

Ear care is the mantra of improving your hearing power. There can be many ways through which people must essentially try to take care of their ears but they do not. They try to clean them, maintain them but end up doing all wrong things. Frequently putting water inside thinking all the mud will come out or may be inserting an ear bud several times to let the mud out are ways in which you can screw up with your ears.

Best Ways to Care your Ears

Thus, there are better ways of ear care which you can practice. Here is a list of them:

Before listening to anything else, one must remember that focus must be paid on cleaning ear wax gently. As the wax could be situated in close proximity to our ear drums, ear care becomes important.

  • Loud Sound: Exposure to loud sounds or massive jerks can massively affect the ears. Do not do that. Try and actually remain afar from the loud sounds created as much as possible. Ears must be thoroughly maintained and must be kept clean. Maintaining ears for a longer time a can tend to be useful for a larger purpose of life and thus ear care becomes important.
  • Piercing: Another very important care could be to save your ears from piercing. People believe that it is the inner part of the ear which must be taken care of and should not be played with. That is not the truth. Even outer piercing or may be playing or affecting the ear lobe can be a major problem and must be avoided. Thus, taking care of the ear is a must.
  • Harmful Chemicals: Last thing to remember in ear care could be about putting harmful chemicals or dirty oils in there. Not everything recommended or advised could be medically prescribed. One must actually try to take utmost care before even attempting to put any ointment inside. It must be taken care of in a good done only under medical prescription or after proper clinical advice. Thus think thrice before doing anything.

After having read the above points, one must have understood of how even a small mistake can cause a huge loss. Look after your ‘ears’ and be careful. It is of utmost importance that ear care is not ignored. Ignorance towards Ear Care is Not a Bliss

Best Ways to Care your Ears

Thus following are the steps which one can adopt for ear care:

  • Ear Plugs: The day can be saved with the right ear plugs. People who are exposed to loud sound every time do not understand how sensitive ears are. Thus, the right system of ear protection needs to be used. One must protect their ears, when you visit discos or concerts, because nothing can be more important than self care or precaution. It will definitely be a big boost in the long run.
  • Clean Ears: Keep our “ears” as dry and healthy as possible. Though it is not always possible to bear the wetness and dampness in your ear, do not even attempt to be harsh while cleaning your ear. Just be sober while cleaning and be careful when there is excessive air being blown. Just remain calm.
  • Ear Care: Lastly, it is also very important to realize and memorize that one should ideally make a trip to a good Ear Nose and even Throat specialist at least may be like once every 3-6 months.

Thus, these can be some points to remember when you think about ear care. Remember there could be many ways of ear care but only some of them will exist and you have to abide strongly by them.


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