Diet and Nutrition for Third Trimester


Diet and Nutrition for Third Trimester:

If you are food carver, during your first and second trimester, then during third trimester you should be more cautious in taking food which may not affect your baby too. As the food which you eat may also affect your baby, during this period, there is risk of being overweight, which could be pain for your life.

5 Necessary Nutrients during Third Trimester of Pregnancy:

At the stage of third trimester, keep in mind that you are eating for two and not one, baby has developed in your womb and after end of this trimester, they will be ready to come out in this new world. So try to take foods which are rich in:

  • Proteins: Protein is essential for growing fetus. But it should be intake through food and not by taking any type of vitamin medicines for the same.
  • Folate: It will prevent any defects to neural tube defect. You will able to get Folate from Orange Juice, Spinach, cereals, lentils, pasta, breads, rice, oat meal, broccoli and strawberries.
  • Calcium: Necessary for your bones, for getting stronger bone, during pregnancy, it may affect your teeth and bones, in order to overcome long term problem, it is necessary that you take food rich in calcium which can be available from milk, yogurt, cheese, orange juice, soy milk, broccoli and almonds etc.
  • Fibre: The pain of constipation is real pain during the pregnancy, in order to minimize this pain, it is necessary that you take rich fibre which includes nuts, salmon, olive, sunflower oil etc.
  • Fat: Fat is essential for baby’s brain development and the same is available from nuts and different types of oil.

The five foods provided in below image are very essential food during this third trimester as they provide each and every nutrient necessary for you and your baby development:

Protein rich foods, eggs, nuts, papaya and Salmon are very important at this stage.

Foods Necessary for you to Intake during Third Trimester:

As baby will keep growing and along with that your bumps will also grow, it is necessary that you take good intake of rich and delicious food at this time. Vitamin C, Fibre, Vitamin K, Vitamin B1 are more important during this stage. The food may include following:

  • Fruits: Many fruits are rich in Vitamin C and Fibre which is important to keep up your immune system and also help in developing your placenta and work properly. Try to take more intake of fruits like Orange, kiwis, strawberries, papaya, which are easy to cut and eat.
  • Salads: Salads are important dishes, which you can easily cut and prepare yourself without any help and they are also rich in nutrient as salad will contain different vegetables which are having their own importance, providing nutrient to your baby and you.
  • Soups/Water/Juice: Constipation is a major problem during pregnancy, so please ensure that you take more water, juice and soups at this stage which will help you out during constipation for smooth and easy bowel movement. The only thing need to take care of soup is, it should be low salt and you heat it thoroughly before eating to make it liquid.
  • Baked Beans on Wholemeal Toast: Fibre intake could be good for getting relief from constipation, you can get such fibre from beans which are baked and whole meal bread, do not use simple bread that may result into constipation but use the whole wheat bread, as it also boost your energy level too.

Hence, it is vital for you, to take decision and take those foods which are important for your baby development. Various foods are there which may affect your baby, so utmost care should be taken in food intake at this stage.

Moreover, this is the stage where your body may overweight, so you may need to take care of that also and prevent blood pressure, cardiac problem, diabetes, suffer from obesity after your baby born. During first two trimesters you may be a food carver but now you should be a kind of on diet and take rich food but at regular interval.


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