Diet during the Eighth Month of Pregnancy


Diet during the Eighth Month of Pregnancy:

So you reached at 8th month of your pregnancy, wow, finally you come to the position where in a month you will be having your baby in your hand, you must be more excited about the same and your anxiety level also may be increase during this month, as you must be thinking about your baby all the day, while you see your baby in ultrasonic sonography, or while you touch your tummy and you feel your baby.

You must be preparing for arrival of your baby like him or her room, cloths, future planning, hospitals and any other information too.

During this month you will feel more changes in your body, you will feel more tired, fatigue, constipation, increase in various part of body, swelling in various party of body too. However, you should take care of your body and heath, by taking healthy food and doing regular exercise which is necessary for your body and baby both.

Due to increase in weight, you may feel uneasiness and uncomfortable at various stage. Due to which taking regular food or healthy food can help you out in maintaining your body and health both.  

Below are some of the Food which you can Include during 8th Month of Pregnancy Diet:

  • Foods which are rich in vitamins and minerals: It is important that you eat food which is rich in iron, calcium, as there will lot of blood lose during your delivery part, as well as not only you but also your baby will require more blood during this phase which can be obtain from iron. Moreover, your bone will also get affected during this month, so calcium is also important for you and your baby both. You can get such food from green leafy vegetables, nuts, apricot, dried fruits, egg, dairy.
  • Food which is rich with carbohydrate, proteins and fat which is necessary for you to maintain your healthy body as well as your baby’s growth too. You can get this from beans, lean meat, egg, potatoes, cereals, nuts etc.
  • Constipation will be the biggest enemy during pregnancy, indigestion, and heart burn are the biggest problems which you will come across during this time. In order to minimize such + constipation part, you will require to take more intake of corn, wheat breads, black beans, brown rice, broccoli etc.
  • Long with this fruits could be the best option, as fruits are available in any seasons, and they are rich in vitamins and minerals which help your body.

Along with Foods which you can Take, it is also Good that you should Avoid the below Mentioned Food:

  • Food reach in coffee and caffeine should be avoided, constipation which can make you mad during this month of pregnancy, so avoid taking coffee or other beverages which may cause constipation to you.
  • Unpasteurized Milk: As milk may come with excess amount of toxoplasmosis so it may be more risky to intake during the pregnancy.
  • Shark, Marlin and Sword Fish: These types of fishes contain high level of certain risky materials, which when intake may affect our body, health and baby under our womb. Try to pick one which is not unhealthy and easy to eat.
  • Intake of cheese should also be reduce during this month of pregnancy , as certain types of cheese are heavier to digest, so such cheese should be avoided which may leads to constipation and heart burn due to acidity which may occur while those types of cheese are taken into account.
  • Raw or Undercooked Meat: If the meat are undercooked then they may contain larger amount of bacteria, and when any pregnant women took such food, then it may affect them in many ways.
  • Alcohol and Tobacco: If you have been change smoker or taking much more alcohol then you should avoid taking the same during such period, as it may cause much damage to your baby and your baby may born with certain complication.

Hence, you should opt of taking food which is rich in minerals, vitamins, protein, fat etc. and avoid foods which are unhealthy for you and your baby. So eat healthy and stay healthy.


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