Diet during the Fifth Month of Pregnancy


Diet during the Fifth Month of Pregnancy:

For a Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Diet is Mandatory. Motherhood is the beautiful occasion for any women. This are those days when you feel your baby in your womb, wait for your baby to come out, you play with her, feel them kicking in womb and many other things. During motherhood, you go through various stages of pregnancy, which make you unstable in your normal routines.

But most important thing, during this stage is to stay healthy by eating healthy, because along with you, you will also need to see your baby’s health and growth which is very important during such stages.

Physical Changes at 5th Month of Pregnancy:

During the second trimester of pregnancy, your body will undergo various changes. During this stage your little one inside your womb, will need more food and will carve for the food, as during this stage your baby goes through various stages of development, which required proper nourishment for them.

It is also said that you will feel the taste of any food, when you are pregnant, before that you are just eating for your hungry tummy or stomach. But when you are pregnant, you will enjoy each and every taste of different types of food. Those food which you avoided before, now you may start eating the same, but you must need to maintain the level of nutrition and vitamins which you intake, so that everything will be on right track, and there will not be any problem at the end.

During 5th Month of Pregnancy, below Mentioned is the Important Diet which you will Require to Intake:

  • Try to take more fluid intake: Constipation is the main enemy during pregnancy, as due to pregnancy, your digestive process will get hinder and will not be up to the mark, resulting into constipation. Hence, ample amount of fluid in form of water, juice etc. could help you out in avoiding such constipation.
  • During this period, your baby’s physical development will be undergoing, so it is necessary that you take more intake of protein rich food, as protein helps in building blocks of your body and help in proper development of muscles, skin and organs.
  • Salad is the best diet for this pregnancy stage; it is healthy food and also maintains your weight too. Try to take more cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, rocket leaves, beet etc daily in form of salad, as they are great way for getting minerals, fibber in your diet. Do not use pickle veggies like olives or capers, try to use fresh vegetables.
  • Secondly, fruits are also good option in form of diet, as usually during stages of pregnancy, you may or may not like to take food, so fruit and salads could be best option, as they come with high amount of rich vitamins or minerals and are delicious too. Moreover, the important thing is you will never get bored of fruit, you will always enjoy fruit and also do not run out of choices of fruit, there are ample amount of fruit available in market.
  • Try to take more green veggies as a diet, which include spinach, broccoli as they provide iron and other minerals which are necessary for the growth of your little one.
  • Including whole grain, could also help in getting enough nutrition like flat-breads, rice, raagi, wheat, corn and oats which are rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin B Complex, iron and magnesium, which fulfil your baby’s growing need for energy and nourishment.

Things you Should Avoid:

  • Do not take carbonated drinks containing caffeine, sugar, unhealthy calories, soft drinks, alcohol. This should be avoided as it affects baby growth.
  • If you fruit lover, avoid papaya, pomegranate and pineapple, it may be good in digestion, but not if you are pregnant.
  • Avoid smoking; it is really dangerous for your baby. If you are change smoker, then for the sake of your baby you should avoid smoking, as it affects baby’s respiratory system and heart beat too.
  • Avoid foods which are rich in fat like pizza, burger, fries etc. i.e. junk food should be avoided during this stage, as it may affect your body as well as baby too.

Hence, in order to be fit during 5th month, it would be good if you take more intake of food which is cooked in-house rather than outdoor food.


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