Diet during the Sixth Month of Pregnancy


Diet during the Sixth Month of Pregnancy:

Do you know, what is Right diet for 6th month of Pregnancy? Hi Mommy to be? How are you? Hope feeling good? Better than before? Between congratulation to step in the 6th month of pregnancy, you are now about to enter the third trimester, which means you are already near to have your bundle of joy in your arms.

Sixth month means you will feel relax and relief from the nausea, vomiting in early stages, yes but your hunger pangs will be increasing now, because your baby will grow faster, you will see yourself every time in kitchen finding some food to carve, do not worry it happens during this stage.

Along with eating regularly and at regular interval of time, it is also necessary that you eat healthy and not unhealthy food which causes any problem in later stage, as during sixth month of pregnancy, you baby’s important organs will be developing, a slight mistake in food intake can hinder their development. So, utmost care should be taken while eating in this stage.

What to Eat?

Before you go through below mentioned diet, remember that every women, has different approach to take food intake, so it may not suits you, but you can go through the same, and find the right food for you which feel you comfortable and enjoyable

Below are some Foods which are very Important during this Stage of Pregnancy:

  • Protein is very important food during this stage, which will benefit you and your child during its growth and it will also strengthen your wall of the womb too. Try to take lean meat, white fish, eggs, black beans etc.
  • Secondly, carbohydrate is also important, which are rich in carbs and most healthy food, but its intake should be limit depending on your weight gain. You can opt of potatoes, pasta, sweet corn, seeds and nuts and oats rich in carbohydrate.
  • Green vegetables, try to take salad more, it is the best option during this stage of pregnancy, as green vegetables contain many types of nutrients, minerals and vitamins, necessary for your baby growth. You should take cabbage, beet root, spinach, carrot, eggplant, green beans tomatoes etc.
  • Other than that, fruits, will refresh and revitalize you. Fruits like bananas, grapes, kiwis, apples, pears, oranges etc. are very important during this stage, as they are rich in vitamins which are necessary for your baby development.
  • Try to take more fluids like water, juices during this stage. As you must be suffering from constipation, due to indigestion during this stage of pregnancy, to soothe this, and for proper and smooth bowel movement, it is necessary to take more fluid intake.
  • Ample amount of calcium is needed during this stage, because, you will feel strain in various part of body like legs, arms, joints. So it is necessary that you take more calcium rich food which you can get from dairy products.

Above was what you can Eat, now we will see what Needs to Avoid during this Stage:

  • Avoid sea food, they are rich in some minerals and also produce more heat in body which is harmful to your baby and you.
  • Avoid Meat, as sometime if meat are undercooked, then it may contain bacteria which can affect your baby, result in the harmful disease at this stage.
  • Non Pasteurized Cheese should be avoided during this stage, because this type of cheese may contain some disease causing bacteria.
  • Spicy food should be completely avoided, as you must be suffering from indigestion problem and if you eat spicy food during this stage, it may result into the acidity and heartburn, which will make you feel discomfort.
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco, stay completely away from alcohol and tobacco, as it damages various part of your baby and it is fatal too. It may also cause premature death of your baby.
  • Caffeine rich beverages like coffee and tea should be avoided too, beside you should opt for herbal or green tea.

Try to take balanced food, do not try to take over or less food, as it will affect your baby’s growth and you will also feel much more fatigue and tired, take healthy food and stay healthy along with your baby.


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