Do you Agree that Men should Wear Engagement Rings?


Do you Agree that Men should Wear Engagement Rings?

Do you agree that, men wear Engagement Rings? Wedding is far beyond than any expensive rings. Wedding is about forming a partnership with a specific person who will allow you to live life entirely and who offers you to crunch his/her differently essence ice cream cones. As believed that when the wedding bells start to ring, it begins with a proposal that leads into engagement.

Naturally that requires a cute couple, where the male fall on his knees, pull out a small box with a twinkling of an engagement ring which comes out from that box and ask his bride to spend the rest of her life with her.

Engagement Rings

When family, relatives and close ones hear about this new relationship status, the very first question that comes to their mind is “Hey show me your engagement ring” & generally the ring question is only asked to the woman as we all imagine the man’s finger will stay bared and naked until the wedding day. But…. Why? Men should also be asked to wear an engagement ring as well.

Ring – A Wedding Ornament:

Well, it is understood from other perspective that not all men’s are into ornament and jewellery, and not everyone is fond of wearing an engagement ring or wedding band but let’s stop for a time being to think about what does these rings represents?

That little wedding band symbolizes as a fresh and new addition of ornament in your closet that you always view while standing in front of the mirror or while doing things. It acts as a desirable ornament to display your new relationship place to family and friends.

Engagement Rings

The ring also represents about the loyalty and faithfulness to spend the rest of your life with the best person and soul mate that could be. What about the males, even they should show off their engagement rings as the woman’s do?

Beginning of Fashion:

At the moment, the scenario is different; the ladies aren’t the only ones who like to put a little shiny jewel on her finger, more and more man’s are also selecting rings “engagement rings” for themselves. Why the unexpected emergence of this fashion?

Gender-specific roles are more biased than ever-mainly when it comes to engagement and wedding experiences. On the other hand, many men think it’s biased that only women get to wear engagement rings.

Engagement Rings

What makes them Independent and different?

When differentiated between female engagement rings, male engagement rings tend to be broad and thicker and basically manly looking. The most well liked option is by far a simple and elegant band in white gold, yellow gold or platinum.

Some men prefer fashionable rings; some prefer sculpted rings which add depth and touch while giving a more uneven feel, while many of them prefer single or multiple diamonds studded rings to have a touch of flashy look.

Engagement Rings

Again, wedding is more than rings, uniting together and taking the cake of each other’s. Think to start out the entire activity as partners, both wearing a sign of your love, faithfulness, loyalty, and bonding look.

If you are looking forward to get engaged, then ladies have a talk with your man about wearing an engagement ring and Yes Men! Feel esteemed & respected to take part in this significant token of love, affection, commitment & of course ice-cream sharing……


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