Do you want to Know your Skin Type?


Do you want to Know your Skin Type?

Have you ever thought what your skin type is? Do you have an oily skin, dry skin or combination skin? Feeling the dissimilarity will aid you to understand how to nourish your skin. Complexion is basically categorised into one of four groups-normal, oily, dry & combination. But, your skin type can alter as you grow older & the other features like hereditary and even sickness can also do the needful-it’s composite.

Usual and ordinary skin type which has a fine stability of moisture, tiny openings (pores) & smooth complexion is the aim of most skin care routine. Maximum people have normal skin, but to balance its fine situation, it’s significant to reduce its revelation to the sun.

A facial sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 is perfect for stopping crease and folds & other sun destruction. Keep it by your toiletry & utilise it. Doesn’t lie back if it’s raining or snowing because it hardly matters, using sunscreen is a must; Make it a practice so that one never forgets to apply it.

Silence Away Oily Skin:

Oily skin is spotted by an over abundance of oil on the face. Majority of people with oily complexion starts to seem oily only a few moments after cleaning their face. An extremely greasy person would feel the necessity to clean their face between noon & 5 pm since oil has developed during the day time.

Oily skin can be an inborn attribute but it can also be the reason for adolescence which generates the oil glands to go into or explore overdrive. Maximum time you can observe more oil on your T-zone, since of all the oil gland in the forehead, nose & chin. People, who are suffering through oily skin problem, generally don’t need any moisturiser but one cannot emit sunscreen from her regular routine because it lessens exposure to UV rays.

Always go for an oil-free sunscreen, one’s that normally prepared for the face & are less suitable to give rise to blackheads & blocked pores. You will find abundant sunscreen lotions in the market, so stop giving excuse to drop the plan of using sunscreen.

Calm and Comfort Dried Skin:

Dried up or shrivelled skin fall off from an absence of unprocessed & organic Moisture. There’s a bit oil to behave as an external fence & interlock moisture. People having shrivelled skin feel stiffness about their face, and their skin type is frequently inflamed.

Peeling is another sign but it is not every time the actual symptom of dry skin. Sometimes, extremely shrivelled skin can become prickly & hurting directing to a sickness called eczema. Therapies of such therapeutic situations can sometimes give rise to dry skin.

For instance, Bust Malignancy Therapies may shun away hormone manufacture which could in turn influence the standard of your complexion.  There are some women who have this problem basically when they hit late forties. To take a good care of your dried skin, use a mild & soap-free cleanser & moisturise fairly.

Maintain Combo Skin:

Combo skin is a mixture of both oily skin & dry skin. People having combination skin type generally realised that their oily skin is condensed in the T-Zone while their cheeks stay shrivelled. Combo skin can be affected by hereditary & again by adolescence when oil glands enlarge their manufacture of sebum. Sometimes a huge range of products are required to treat combo skin.

If your are still not positive & certainly sure about your skin type or the best possible ways to maintain it, take a help from a dermatologist who can suggest a prescription for skin care routine or provide you a doctor’s line of products. Your dermatologist is actually your best skin care specialist who you can rely on.


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