Dos and Don’ts during 3rd Month of Pregnancy


Dos and Don’ts during 3rd Month of Pregnancy:

Congratulations, now you are in the 3rd  month of pregnancy, the first three month of pregnancy are very important, and you must have to take utmost care of the fetus which is growing under your body, as there could be many chances of miscarriage or any problem during this month, after 3rd month, you can feel relax, as the wall of embryo will be thick enough, which will not allow for any chance of miscarriage, but this doesn’t mean that you should not take care of yours.

Dos and Don’ts during the 3rd Month of Pregnancy:

Every month of pregnancy, comes with new surprises, if you are lover of being slim trim and figure, then please forget that unless you do not give birth to your baby, as your body will grow beyond leap and bound. Moreover, this month is also counted as last month of your first trimester. The 3rd month of pregnancy, will provide you with some overwhelming experience and feeling, which will at some moment very excited or some moment not feeling good. 3 Months Baby Do’s and Don’ts

3rd month of pregnancy

So it is kind of swing of mood. ‘3rd month of pregnancy’, commences the rapid development of your child inside your body. And this is the stage when your body will undergo lot much changes and transformation. Furthermore, it is really frustrating but you should get ready for lot much suggestion advice from your elders, please apply those which you want, you are educated enough, so you can read books and search on internet. Do not just blindly take all advice as it is coming and start applying the same, otherwise it could be a big trouble for you.

What to Expect?

  • There will be series of medical test which you will need to undergo, along with series of sonography too, you may have to consult doctor every one or two weeks for getting medication which is necessary for your body.
  • At third month, you will go for complete scan of your fetus, where first time in your period of pregnancy, they will show you the fetus and they will measure and size. You may also need to take triple marker test at this stage in order to check for any abnormality in the child.
  • Get mentally prepared for various body change which will appear now onwards, the reason behind the same, is your growing baby inside, which will lead to increase in your body. But please relax, this is only up to 9 months and after that you can do your gym, exercise etc.
  • Get regularly checked up with your gynaecologist, regularly go for sonography, also tell them your fear or anxiety, any medical histories before
  • You will start feeling morning sickness, feel much tired, every time think of taking rest.
  • Feel much dizzier, nausea, vomiting, lot much hormonal changes.
  • You may suffer from indigestion; constipation could be the biggest enemy during the pregnancy.
  • You will carve for food, you will feel much hungry at this time

3rd month of pregnancy

Do’s during 3rd month of pregnancy:

  • Do not skip your meals, even though you throw out in your basins, but keep taking the meals
  • Make sure that you take food which is rich in minerals, vitamins, etc.
  • Stay hydrated, drink more water and juices.
  • Each iron rich and folic acid rich food
  • Take regular medicines given by doctors
  • You can do yoga or meditation during this month

Don’ts during 3rd month of pregnancy:

  • Avoid taking fast food and food which is under cooked like meat or fish
  • Avoid taking alcohol, smoking cigarettes as this will directly affect your baby brain cells
  • Avoid taking heavy food, as they can result into the constipation.
  • Avoid doing any physical exercise, if you want to do the same then please do the same under the trained supervision
  • Any bleeding or spot should be taken seriously and consult with the doctor for the same
  • Do not keep your surrounding dirty, keep washing your cloths and hands properly try to be more hygiene.
  • Do not take much stress, do not think much during this stage, there could be stages of anxiety may come in, but stay calm.

Enjoy the “3rd month of pregnancy”, do not make it worse by thinking more about the same.


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