Dos and Dont’s during the 7th Month of Pregnancy


Dos and Dont’s during the 7th Month Of Pregnancy:

Congratulations, you are now seven month pregnant women, you may have experience many surprises while you completed your six month and step in to seven month of pregnancy, you have gone through various changes related to your body, to your mood, to your baby development many thing you have gone through during the journey of the pregnancy, till you have 3 months to go for delivering the baby.

However, you have completed the main milestones now and reach up to this stage so Congo for that. During this month, the baby movement will become slow as baby is growing by leap and bound under your womb, so they will have less amount of space left to enjoy kicking and moving under your womb, they will also experience the light and darkness outside the womb as they will open their eyes wide open, now is the time when they listen the voices coming outside of the womb as well as your heart beat noise also.

This is the time when you should talk with your baby and make them listen calm and soothing music, if baby like the music they will respond and also enjoy. You may have also known the sex of your baby, so if it is boy or girl, their reproductive system will start developing.

Below is Week by Week baby and Mom to be for Seven Month Pregnancy:


For your baby: Baby’s are able to hear and there hearing organs are fully developed in this month, so they can react to any sound, and as baby reacts to sound their pulses may increases, your baby if like the noise will move their lungs and legs whenever some calm music are played, babies brain is also developed like a new born baby now, Moreover, they will also have patterns set for sleeping and walking.

For Mom to be: This is the time when you will be putting on the weight at the rate of approx. 1 pounds per week and you may feel rib pains as your baby is growing and pushes upward on your rib cage. This kind of pressure may cause indigestion and heart burns. You will experience pains in different parts of your body.


For your Baby: Baby’s hands are active in this stage, they will start sucking thumbs which will calm your baby and it will also help in strengthens their cheeks and jaw muscles. Moreover, your baby will also start crying now.

For Mom to be: Stretch mark will be visible now, as your uterus continuous to grow. Moreover, you will also gain your weight much, and your balances and mobility will also changes during this stage.


For your Baby: You baby now measures about 10 inches and their total length increases to 16.75 inches now from head to toe, and weights around 2.4 pounds, their brain movement shows rapid eye movement sleep which means that your baby is dreaming too. Eyelids will get open and branches of lungs are also getting developed.

For your Moms to be: Uterus will get extended above navel. You may also experience cramping in legs, back etc. as your baby is growing and becoming more stronger now, you may also experience mild swelling in ankles and foot, and you will start urinating more frequently as the uterus will continue to push your bladder.


For your Baby: Baby’s eyes will distinguish the bright sunlight or any artificial lights through uterine wall. At this stage baby will be doing fewer acrobatics as the condition in womb become more cramped.

For Mom to be: This is the time when you will grow more, take more rest as this time could also leads to premature labor or any menstrual like cramps or lower back pain, if you experience any discharge then consult your doctor asap.


For your Baby: Now you baby has grown to 17 inches, weighs 3 pounds, hair on the head are getting thicker, head and body are sync, hands are fully formed and fingernails are growing

For Mom to be: More discomfort in pelvis and abdomen part, it will hard to believe that there is still 10 weeks to go for delivering your baby.


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