DO’s and DON’Ts for a Newborn Baby


DO’s and DON’Ts for a Newborn Baby:

Congratulations and Celebration, as today you have been blessed with your baby. How it feels holding your baby for the first time in your hand or on your lap, the baby for which you were waiting for from last 9 months, finally has arrived, you will see him or her tiny eyes, nose, mouth, hands, fingers, legs, hair, tiny head. So will much excited today. But will also be scared, of how to take care of your baby, because baby is not still habitual with the outside environment, so utmost care is to be taken when your NewlyBaby born.

First and foremost, when you baby born, it is necessary that you go ahead and check with some paediatrician, who will check that, different organs are good and without any problem, baby cries, listen voice everything will be checked properly. After BabyBorn, after some time it is could to give baby with your breast milk, the first milk which is coming out could be good for your baby health, in case breast milk is not available, then you should opt for some formula milk but do take care that you take with low fat and pasteurized milk, which is not harmful for them, give them one spoon of milk for some time.

Diet (Milk Food) for your Baby:

for Do not give same milk by heating it, try to heat again and then give it to them. It is seen that in newly BornBaby there is a danger of jaundice, because when your baby will born, lot much residuals will be coming out and mixing with her blood like liver discharges some element which mix with blood and result into jaundice. So it is necessary that you should check for jaundice level by asking lab person to take blood of baby.

But please ask them to use sterilized needle or other technique to take babies blood, with this you will come to know the blood group of baby and level of jaundice. In case baby has born before the due date, then it may get essential to take suggestion from your doctor about the same. In case jaundice is there you can opt for sun rays in morning which is best remedy for such jaundice.

Take Care of your Baby’s Body:

During this days you will get much more suggestions from your loved ones, try to take them, listen it, applying those suggestion will be at the end in your hand, so do not make them feel you are not listening to them, listen to them and take suggestion, as during this stage it will be hard to take care of your little tot, as baby are much more crying, will get cranky, you may not understand what to be given to them, what needs to be done, so try to take those suggestions.

They are always tough, so you will need to apply techniques which make them comfortable like taking on your shoulder or lap, rubbing their back; especially they feel comfort with their mother. So try to keep with them mostly with them. Try to make your BabyBurp after they are feed, it is necessary to do the burp, for that you can take on shoulder and then rub there back, in some time they will burp. If they do not burp then they may lead to indigestion or gas or acidity, which will be painful thereafter.

Take Care of your Baby’s Health:

Moreover, schedule is very important, for giving them feeding and a little nap which will make them feel comfortable otherwise they may not feel relief and cry much. Try to keep everything much more hygiene, wash your hand every now and then, as well as change their diaper every now and then, also make their cloth and your cloth hygiene. Proper vaccination is to be done, during newly BornBaby certain vaccinations are to be given, so provide that vaccination.

Also, utmost care is to be taken, to support your BabyNeck and head, because they cannot support them or handle it properly. Moreover, do not keep in any hammock, try to bundle up and then make them sleep, this will feel them comfort, do not try to touch certain areas, it may spread bacteria and use clean cloth which are sterilized to wipe on them in order to remove spreading any bacteria on them.


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