DO’s and DON’Ts for Fifth Month of Pregnancy


DO’s and DON’Ts for Fifth Month of Pregnancy:

What to Wow, you have just completed one milestone, first 4 month is very crucial stage of the Pregnancy, and utmost care is to be taken during that month. Welcome to month 5, are you feeling something different a sense of relief, your belly button and tummy must be coming out, ready to tell everyone that you are pregnant, also will able to see your baby through ultrasound scan during this time.

Every stages of pregnancy, as rapid changes, during your 5th month pregnancy, you will be having many more physical changes, like your bump will begin to grow, your baby will move more than before in your womb, you will feel your baby movements.

What to Expect during 5th Month of Pregnancy?

  • Growing bump, putting extra pressure on your back, feeling of muscle strain, back pain will increase due to growing body.
  • Due to increase of bump, and extra pressure on your back, your nerve in spin will feel more pressure, which may cause a feeling of discomfort and you may also need a comfortable position to sleep.
  • Now onwards, forget to lift any heavy object, because if you try to do so, it will hurt you much and you will result into back strain so much.
  • You will feel hot flashes, palm get more red, you also feel to have ample amount of air during this time, this is happening due to more blood circulation in your body.
  • Your legs, will be paining, feet will also start paining, due to growing weight of your body.
  • Much more changes will be there in your facial appearance, as well as your hair will also look more thicker than before
  • You will feel much more mood swing, try to be lonely, do not like much noise, get frustrated many more changes will occur in your behaviour.
  • Your mind will be full or questions and queries about your coming baby, this is because your bump is growing, and within four month you will deliver your baby.
  • You will need new cloths which fit your growing body, try to purchase those which are comfortable to you. Try to have loose cloth as it will feel your comfortable
  • Sleeping position will be change, due to growing bump, you may need to adjust your sleeping position, try to keep pillow near your tummy.
  • Your baby in womb will be double the weight in last two week of 5th month, height will get increase, baby’s legs will develop properly, your baby will now carve for food, due to which you will also feel to take more food intake.
  • Baby under womb, is not much more expressive, baby can stretch, yawn and make cute face.

Dos and Don’ts during 5th Month of Pregnancy:

It is successful step that you have completed the forth month and entered in the fifth month of pregnancy. Hence the mother has to be more careful with regards to the Dos and Don’ts of during this month. Dos and Don’ts during the 5th Month of Pregnancy are as follows:


  • Due to increase in bump, belly button and other part of your body, you may see visible rashes coming out. You will feel them in area like under arms, groin and under the breasts. Try to take shower with cold water, it will soothe the itching effect and burn of those rashes.
  • Get comfortable cloths, very important, due to growing body, you will need comfortable cloth to accommodate the same.
  • Increase intake of fiber rich diet, the biggest enemy for any pregnant women is the constipation, in order to minimize the constipation, it is necessary that you take more fiber rich food, which helps in smooth bowel movement.
  • Try to avoid sitting long hours, take more rest, sit straight in chair while at work with proper back support
  • Do some exercise, warm up and some breathing, meditation, yoga should be done during this stage it helps in later stage of pregnancy
  • Try to think positive, listen calm music, go for walk in garden, take fresh air, and enjoy indoor cooked food.
  • Try to take healthy fruits, vegetable, cook at home; salad could be the best option currently to get enough amounts of nutrients, minerals and vitamins.


  • Do not stand or sit immediately, try to slow down yourself and sit calmly, avoid sudden reflexes
  • Avoid alcohols and smoking as it affect your baby in womb
  • Do not get scared, avoid anxiety and other type of phobias try to be without any stress and enjoy motherhood.

These tips will help you to know, what to expect during the fifth month of Pregnancy and also gives you the information, what to do and what not to do during this fifth trimester of Pregnancy.


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