DO’s and DON’Ts for Fourth Month of Pregnancy


DO’s and DON’Ts for Fourth Month of Pregnancy:

First trimester of your pregnancy is very important, utmost care is to be taken during this stage; there is greater possibility of miscarriage during this stage, for which you need to be much more cautious, but now you are in the 4th Month of your pregnancy, in which you will experience various emotional, hormonal, physical changes to your body.

It is this month when your baby will start developing, various organs will get developed, due to which it necessary to take utmost care during this month. During this month all your pain, while you were facing from 1st to 3rd month will slowly settled down like nausea, fatigue, vomiting, sleeplessness, etc.

What you will be Going to Expect during this Month?

  • You will feel energetic and healthy during this month. The morning sickness and dizziness will begin to come to normal slowly.
  • Your body will now grow, as baby under your worm will start growing, due to which you will need clothes which fit your body.
  • The best experience of life and you will feel your dream coming true, at this month you may also see your baby clearly. How exciting?
  • During this month, your belly button, bumps and other part of body will start growing and will be visible and this is the time when you will spread this good news among your friends and family of you being pregnant.
  • Other than this you will also see below changes in your baby’s:
    1. Eye’s will start developing
    2. Facial feature will start developing
    3. Fingerprints will also start developing
    4. Baby’s will start moving from one place to other
    5. Baby’s limb and nervous system will start developing

4th Month Pregnancy Do’s and Don’ts:

During 4th month of pregnancy, certain things need to take care, as baby growth and development is under process, so slight hindrance could affect their growth and also your pregnancy:


  • Start eating healthy, do not think like eating for 2 concepts, try to eat proper, at given schedule, food supplements that provide your body and your baby’s body with required nutrients, minerals and other vitamins.
  • Start sleeping on your left side, keep soft pillows, around your side and between your legs, for protection to your baby.
  • Blood circulation will increase now, flow of blood will be at utmost speed, due to which bleeding increase, as well as blacked ears, stuffy nose may be able to be common problems this month so do not worry much about the same.
  • Change of cloth, your body will increase, due to growth of your baby, your belly button, abdomen, hips etc. will increase, due to which you will require new clothes which fit this part of body. Try to wear loose cloth and not tight clothes
  • Bump day will be soon arrive, if you think that you can make it without any labour pain, then you are wrong, you need to make your body fit and healthy, do some exercise which are easy workouts like walking – one of the best exercise during the pregnancy, as it circulate blood in body, minimize the stiffness as well as help you to withstand against the muscles pain which is occurring.
  • In food, try to take more food which are rich in fibre, as during pregnancy you will be suffering from the pain of constipation, so to avoid it take more fibre. Moreover, blood circulation will increase, so there will need of more blood which you can get it through iron rich food.
  • Most importantly, try to do yoga, as they are known for providing healthy and fit body, breathing exercise could be good exercise, which is to be done in early morning, for providing best air to your baby and your body which will boost up the energy.


  • Do not take stress; if you take stress, then you may be victim for the blood pressure, under gain weight for your baby, chances of more bleeding etc.
  • Do not take alcohol or cigarette, if you are smoker or drinker, avoid it, if you want your baby for good growth and development
  • Do not take street food or meat which is under cooked, as it may affect your body because it usually contains harmful bacteria in the same.

By following the above Do’s and Don’ts during 4th month of pregnancy, will help both the Mother and the Child for a better health and in a safe delivery.


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