DO’s and DON’Ts for Sixth Month of Pregnancy


DO’s and DON’Ts for Sixth Month of Pregnancy:

So finally you reach in 6th month of your pregnancy, are you feeling something new in your body, your bump must have enlarged, your abdominal part must have enlarged, and your belly button, your breast, your hips etc. may get change during this stage of pregnancy. Along with your physical changes, you will also feel mood swing and many other emotional changes. Your baby will also go through different development stages during this phase.

This is the stage, when your hunger will increase, you will carve for food, due to rapid development of your baby, and also this is right time, to create your shopping list for what needs to get for your arriving baby.

What to Expect?

During every stages of pregnancy, you will expect different things, different miracles, will happens. During this stage below are some new developments which you will be experiencing:

  • Visible rashes and marks will occur due to increase of weight.
  • Itching will occur in lower abdominal part and various other part of body, but do not itch much otherwise it may result into infection, try to apply powder or moisturise cream to soothe the skin itching.
  • Tummy will grow enough, you may not able to see your knees to, do not bend much, sit straight, you may feel discomfort, try to place pillow to soothe yourself.
  • Discomfort in your abdominal part, because of rapid growth of your baby without any limit.
  • You will experience, bleeding in teeth and other part of body like in the uterus too due to high flow or circulation of blood through your body.
  • Make sure that you do not rush, utmost care is to be taken in this stage of pregnancy, take more rest, feel relax, do not get more anxious, balanced everything and then move ahead.
  • You will start preparing your home surroundings for your arrival of baby. You will start preparing the list to buy certain things for baby who is arriving shortly. You will prepare the baby room, your list too; does’s and don’ts list etc.
  • You will feel more relaxed and relief compare to month five. Your body will be full of energy and healthy too.
  • Growing bump, there will much more advises coming from your loved ones, which will make you more confused, but don’t be take wise decision, after all you are giving birth to your child not your loved ones.
  • Constipation may increase at this stage, so try to take more fluid. Along with that blood sugar level may rises or come down, precaution should be taken for the same, as high or low blood sugar will directly affect your baby heart bit
  • Many question in your mind, fear, scared, anxiety must be there, but try to be calm, do not get frustrated, do not stress much feel free and enjoy motherhood


  • Try to change position of your sleeping, sleep on your left side, keep soft cushioned near your belly.
  • Try to take that food, which does not result in constipation, take food which easily gets digested.
  • Do regular exercise, simple exercise like walking, meditation and yoga should be introduced during 6th month of training, as this will give your strength and relief from the strain and pain of muscles, and also useful during later stage of pregnancy.
  • You will also have sleep deprivation, means you’re sleeping pattern will get change, and you may go late sleeping, wake up early in morning.
  • Sign up for the umbilical cord banking – preserving your baby stem cells, this is perfect time to sign up for the same. It will be useful to you as well as your coming baby and after that, in case they have any genetically or any other problems which may arise in later stage.
  • Go for pre natal checks like checking of iron deficiencies; try to avoid that as it is much more necessary to take iron rich food during this stage for developing your red blood cells. So take food more reach in iron


  • Smoking and alcohol should be avoided during this stage
  • Under cooked meat and other foods should be avoided
  • Do not ignore any unusual symptoms like experiencing pain, bleeding etc

By following the simple Dos and Don’ts, you can take care of your Pregnancy and also take care of your baby.


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