Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Pauper


Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Pauper:

Over eating or may be under eating at wrong times is a common problem faced by all. Though a human body feels the need to eat at various intervals, it is us who can train ourselves to eat the right amounts of food at proper times.

After one wakes up from sleep, it is necessary that your break your fast with strongly fibrous, healthy and nutritious food. Thus heavy intake of fruits, proteins and calcium is suggested. The graph must however go down as the day ends which gives enough rest to your digestive system and thus keeps you fit.


To know how can one’ s daily food cycle be channelized, read the following chart to understand what kind of foods one must opt for while one begins to eat:


  • Anti oxidants like a bowl of fresh blackberries, even blueberries, raspberries and also some nice straw berries.
  • Fruits like Tangerines, even mango and also oranges
  • Even regular stuff like figs and also some prunes
  • Chopped banana ( with and without milk) could be a good choice
  • Baked beans, steamed meat ( chicken/fish/mutton)
  • Bread butter ( 2-3 slices), bread jam
  • Egg ( in any form)
  • Water ( Lots of it)
  • Coffee or tea
  • Juices ( Be it any)


  • Various lunch items like a bowl of rice and necessarily wheat
  • Try and avoid foods which are high in sugar or may be fatty. Thus, the ideal choice would be to avoid salty or extra oily foods
  • A good combination for various constituents of lunch is a meal that would contain a good bout of protein, some complex carbohydrates (that include sweet potato, even brown rice, some nice brown pasta) and also a small amount of fat. 



A good advice would be to include a bowl of soup. This can include anything from lentils to even nice cream of chicken or mutton. This will give you almost all the nutrient you need

Post this have, bajra. Yes, at such times, missi rotis along with non-oily substance can act as healthy fillers. A cup of skimmed milk can also be a good choice for dinner.

Calories deficit could also be a major issue in a week which actually equals to the number of calories you really need to burn in order to lose some 1 pound of fat. It is ideally recommended for more or less individuals to evenly create a deficit of some 500 to 1000 calories from their actual daily total calorie requirement to lose almost around 1 to 2 pounds each week. This happen because a daily almost 500 calories deficit for around 7 days could lead up  to a 3500 calories

What is your Ideal Mealtime?

Almost all of us or people around are actually used to having at least three heavy meals for breakfast, lunch and also dinner, but this is the long gap in between these heavy meals which promotes people to eat more during the heavy meals. It is thus considered best to divide your meal times into somewhere around  five or six small meals with good breakfast being the main meal of the day.


This should then be  followed by a healthy  mid-morning snack, along with lunch, one afternoon snack and dinner. A balanced diet plan will then comprise of healthy good and ideal breakfast ideas which would have low calorie lunch, good dinner and also snack ideas.

This chart could be followed at all times. If you are thinking of losing weight or if facing any health problems, a regulated balanced diet can always be a good choice.


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