Emotional Changes during First Trimester of Pregnancy


Emotional Changes during First Trimester of Pregnancy:

Being Pregnant, are your facing any problems because of the Emotional Changes? You trying to conceive and it would be a great exciting time for you. When you come to know that you are pregnant you would be out of this world with your happiness. First pregnancy is more exciting as you everything is new for you that feeling, life stage, thoughts for baby and many things.

But you should also be conscious as you may or may not know certain changes which you would feel during these early days. There are a lot to happen with your body and to brain. Both will give you trouble and those troubles you have to pass. Physical and emotional changes are symptoms of pregnancy and all women face such problems.

Physical Changes:

With physical changes you will find that your emotions are running without control. You may observe like you are okay and next moment you feel crying. These mood swings are taking place during pregnancy because of the change in hormone levels in body. Although emotional changes would be different for all but common problems which observed are angry, loneliness, coward, unhappy, anxious, curious, depressed etc.

Most of the mood swing occurs during early pregnancy time with 12 weeks or so. There are many reasons which make you nervous and uncomfortable.

Some of the Common Reasons are:

  • Thinking about baby
  • Health of coming baby
  • Your partner’s loyalty during this time
  • Help from other members of family
  • Would you cope up financially after baby born
  • Life of yours after baby born
  • Your figure during pregnancy
  • Morning sickness, vomits, nausea
  • Not having routine life with big stomach

How to Control such Mood Swings:

Although emotional changes such mood swings and depression would be driven by hormones and they are not in our hands. But there are certain activities which may help you to come over. Ask help from your partner and try to trust him as it is your bonding and love which made you pregnant. Try to spend more time with your partner. Ask him to help you in preparation for new member of your family. Never feel he is not interested in you any more. It is your love and respect which will help him to stay with you more time.

Try to Find the Ways of Fun:

Give yourself a break. Try to catch some of your good friends and hang out with them in weekends. Try to plan small picnic for a change where you can relax and even do small function of get together.

Talk with Someone:

Although it is normal but many times your thoughts if you don’t share then make you uneasy. Try to talk with your partner what you think. You can call your family members or friends who can help you in giving sympathy and can hear a lot from you!

Go for Exercise:

Not easy but very effective. It is not like you need to stretch out like routine you do at gym but do some regular warm ups which will give a good circulation to your blood and you will feel refreshed and charged up.

Have some Good Sleep and Stop Blaming Yourself:

Sleep is a very good medicine for any problem. Try to get naps whenever possible. Good sleep at night also makes your day comfortable. Second thing is stop blaming you and stop feeling guilty in all things. It is quite natural and no one will complain for these.

It is very important to pass out these days with some emotional changes or dilemmas. Try to involve yourself in good activities and thinks about brighter future you will have with baby.


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