Exercises during the 5th Month of Pregnancy


Exercises during the 5th Month of Pregnancy:

Congratulations, you are now in 5th month of pregnancy, you had completed one milestone where you will have more chances of losing your baby, due to miscarriage, or any other reason, you are not five month pregnant women, every trimester will come with different surprises for you, but you need to tackle with those surprises and take those as the challenge for you, just dream about your gift after end of this pregnancy and you will automatically feel different.

During 5th month of pregnancy, you will have fatigue, nausea, tiredness, much more pain in different types of body, cramping, muscles strain and many problems will occur, in order to overcome this problems, firstly the proper diet is very important, you should opt to take nutritious food containing all elements, minerals, vitamins as well as different types of elements necessary for your body. Diet during the Fifth Month of Pregnancy

Exercises during the 5th Month of Pregnancy

However, along with that it is also important that you stay fit by doing regular exercise, most importantly those exercise which give your fitness and do not harm your body much.

Below are some Type of Exercise which gives you Good Fitness:

Keep Moving:

If you are pregnant, then do not stop working and do bed rest every time, in case you have any complication and doctor’s has suggested for the same, then it is necessary to do the regular exercise but if you are fit and fine and your doctor does tell you take more rest, then you have do regular workouts, go to your office, do not much stressful work, enjoy your workplace meet your colleagues and enjoy with them, as this will give you proper fitness and remove any chances of back pain or any type of pain in different parts of your body.


Walking could be another way to stay fit, keep walking much, but slowly and steadily and not running, you should walk, there is vast difference between, walking and running, so you should opt for walking and not running, because running may harm you, but walking will help in proper circulation of blood through your body, help in improving your metabolisms in body, help in eliminating any chances of muscles strains or body cramping which are coming while you are pregnant, helps in digestion of food, and avoid any chances of getting constipated due to any reason.

Hence, walking can be useful in many way to become fully fit and enjoy pain less pregnancy, you should opt for creating proper schedules, early morning or late evening walking could be good, early morning walking could give you fresh air, which is pollution free and you can also enjoy the beauty of nature and environment, in late evening also you can opt for walking. You should walk whenever you take heavy food, as this will help you in faster digestion too.

Exercises during the 5th Month of Pregnancy


Yoga are also known as the best warm up exercise for the pregnant women, yoga are more popular because it does not harm your body, but yoga is to be done properly, and under the supervision of proper instructor, yoga will rejuvenate your body, make it full of energy and give you more strength and eliminate any body pain too, there are different types of yoga, which you can do it during ‘5th month of pregnancy’, but you should do it after taking prior permission from your doctor, twisted pose, chair pose, angle pose, ham’s pose with one leg, butterfly pose, mountain pose, stick pose, pranayama etc. could be good yoga exercise during this stage of pregnancy.

Abdominal Exercise:

Abdominal exercise focus on the rectus abdomens, or the superficial muscles of your belly region, during “5th month of pregnancy”, specifically, this region may get extend much, and as your belly get expanded, it also places enough stress on the fascia, so it is good if you can do certain abdominal exercise too, in order to stay fit, and eliminate any expansion and pain.

Apart from above mentioned exercise, many women’s also go for doing weight lifting exercises, in which they will lift certain amount of weight, but it is not suitable to every one of them, so prior permission is to be taken, if you opting for going for this exercise. So try to do those exercises which gives you fitness and not pain.


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