First Month of Pregnancy Concerns


First Month of Pregnancy Concerns:

Are you Pregnant? Have any Concerns during the First Month of Pregnancy? It is a great feeling for every woman when you are expecting! Many times it would be expected and planned or sometimes it is a matter of god gift! Whatever case it would be but when you want to have baby and you get the news after your missing period it is a great feeling.

You are excited and nervous at the same time. When you check the report and confirmed from your doctor your excitement level will be on seventh sky. But there are many problems or changes which will start with your good time with your body. Most of the women feel problems during first trimester of pregnancy and most of the symptoms are common.

Morning Sickness:

This is the most common and usual problem women would feel during pregnancy. You will get such sickness in any time of day or night. Proper rest and easy working pattern may help you to face this problem.

First Month of Pregnancy

Body Ache:

As the days will pass your body size will increase which will give you pains like, leg pain, headache, back pain. Proper care and good rest is the only solution to fight against such problems.

First Month of Pregnancy


Again this is a common symptom during pregnancy. Women will feel to come out and it will make you uneasy.

First Month of Pregnancy


There are many reason behind this problem, one which all face is hormonal change in body which changes level of some liquid in body so uneasy and vomiting take place. Second reason is women smelling sense become very strong and their dislike and like with smell changes so food smell or strong cooking smell will give such vomiting.

First Month of Pregnancy

Some Spots of Bleeding:

In first month you would find spot of bleeding. This is known as implantation bleeding and its normal. But if you get dark and large amount of bleeding don’t delay to call your doctor as there is a chance of miscarriage.

First Month of Pregnancy

Mood Swings:

This is also very common symptom all women will face. Your mood will go here and there. Within moments your happy moments will turn in sad one. You may feel lonely. Depression is also one of the big problems which many women face during this time. Good option is try to involve yourself in some activity which give you joy.

First Month of Pregnancy

Urge for Urinal Discharge:

You will find urge in urine and with very often than usual. This is because of increasing size of uterus which press bladder.

First Month of Pregnancy


This is also very common problem all women face during pregnancy. For better part your diet plan need to change and you should include diet which can provide you good vitamins and fibers. Try to take more fluid like curd, juice or and type of soups. This will give you easy diet and freshness.

First Month of Pregnancy

Physical Change:

There are some physical body changes which you will feel. First one is breast tender and sore. Your breast will become heavier and you will get the feeling when your common inners will not fit you. Cramps and vein problem is also common for most of the cases. Most of the women also find change in skin color during these early days.

First Month of Pregnancy


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