First Trimester of Pregnancy


First Trimester of Pregnancy:

What is First Trimester of Pregnancy? It would not be easy to carry a baby in womb for nine months. Pregnancy for the first time will teach you lifelong lessons from the starting of first week. There are many changes which going to take place with your body parts and physical and emotional changes will make you to feel something is there in your body.

It is the only preparation of your body which is going to keep a baby in your body. The physical and emotional changes make you to face coming 9 months and build your confidence. Changes in your body parts and hormones will take place before you get confirm test for pregnancy. First trimester is going to make changes very fast in your body for adaptation of new things.

Morning Sickness:

From the start of first week you will feel some uneasiness and common symptom found in all pregnant ladies are morning sickness. This sickness will be felt any time in a day or night for some weeks. Most of the women also feel Nausea during pregnancy. Higher level of estrogen and progesterone changes will make stomach uneasy.

Smelling power also changes and many women felt Nausea with the smell of cooking, perfumes, food etc.  You are going to feel uneasiness and morning sickness till second or sometimes in third trimester also. Proper food supplements should be taken during these days.

Food and Water:

Take food which you like and which you can digest easily. Drinking liquids more will help you to regain energy and you will feel fresh.

Breast Tendering:

Breast tendering is a sign of early pregnancy. In starting you will feel sore breast and day by day it will get weight. You will actually feel the enlargement and heaviness.

Urinal Pressure:

Other symptom found in most of the women is urinal pressure. You will find you get pressure for urine more often than usual. It is because of the enlargement of urinal wall and pressure inside on the urine bag.


Constipation problem in pregnant ladies is also very common so try to get more fiber food and make good diet plan.

Growth of Baby:

Your baby will grow day by day and you will feel that in end of first trimester. Although for few weeks in starting you will not look like big pregnant lady. First trimester generally lasts for 1 week to 13 weeks.

Body pain and vomiting would be common symptoms for the new pregnant lady. It is not only you will have changes but baby inside you also changes a lot in first trimester. In starting there would be only small fertilized cell which will detached and started forming body in uterine wall.

You will glad to know the common body parts of your baby will start forming in these days. Bones and shape of body will form during 6-8 week. Skin formation and shape of eyes and nose will start forming before 4-5 weeks.

After 5th week it will get heart and both the kidneys. Hair and nails will start forming during week number 8. After week 8 brain formation will be done and then senses of smell and touch it will understand.


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