Health Benefits and Skin benefits of Cow Milk


Health Benefits and Skin benefits of Cow Milk:

Do you know, Cow Milk has many Health Benefits along with the Skin Benefits? Every morning the mothers from all over the world try to persuade their children to drink at least one glass of Cow milk. The reason being the same – this white liquid gives their children life-force. For the aged people, the Cow milk provides them strength to fight the diseases, by boosting up the immunity power.

Apart from consuming the raw cow milk, the milk is also added to our regular tea or coffee. It is also consumed in various forms, like cheese, Yogurt and also used in making delicious desserts like pudding, ice-creams etc. So, basically, we are dependent on  cow milk both for health and taste-booster issues.

Enriched with Vitamin A, D, B6, B12, Cow Milk is the also one of the main source of Calcium. This life-forming white drink is also enriched with Biotin, Protein which is also effective to keep your hair and skin healthy.

Let’s find out the main advantages of Cow Milk and why is it is so necessary for us to consume it on a regular basis:

  • Bone Health: The common problem of every person as they grow old is the strength loss of their bone. Especially among the women, this is a common occurrence, thus often they are advised to take Calcium supplements. Drinking cow milk on a regular basis can help keeping your bone strong along with your teeth, as milk is the natural supplier of Calcium.
  • Reduces Stress: A glass of lukewarm milk after a tiring can help in relaxing your muscles. It helps to reduce your stress and to provide you energy to face the world anew.
  • Muscle Building and Weight Loss: Milk is also associated with the fitness. While you are dieting a glass of skimmed milk will give you enough nutrients without providing an ounce of calories. It also keeps you full so that you don’t have the temptation of biting into an unhealthy snack. It also helps you in building the muscles blocks. So, in the fitness regime, milk is one of the integral parts of the diet.

The Essential Health Factors:

Cow Milk contains Vitamin A, D, B6, B12, Calcium, Protein, Potassium and other most essential nutrients which boost immunity system. Thus, the main health benefits of the milk are:

  • It keeps the blood pressure in check, thus reducing the chance of stroke
  • It keeps Cholesterol in limit
  • Reduces the chance of deadly cancers.

Benefits of Cow Milk for Skin and Hair Care:

  • Milk act as an excellent natural cleanser. It also can be used in removing the makeup and dirt from the face.
  • Milk along with honey or Banana can keep your face well moisturised, even the people with dry skin.
  • Application of raw milk in your skin lightens your complexion.
  • Milk can be used as a natural scrubber. It helps in removing the dead cells and gives your face a healthy glow.
  • Milk also smoothens the fine lines and wrinkles from your face. It also heals your skin from the effects of the sunburn.
  • Milk along with few drops of honey acts as an excellent hair mask to give your rough hair a healthy tint. Regular consumption of milk helps your hair to grow and shine naturally.

So basically, the cow milk is one of the all-purpose healthy food that is necessary for every part of our life.


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