How Much Protein You Should Eat Every Day?


How Much Protein You Should Eat Every Day?

Do you know, how much Protein to eat per day? The key nutrient for the development of the muscle, bones, and the other essential parts of the body is definitely the Protein. Our body needs daily of proteins every day and lack of it can seriously cause a hell lot of problems.

The exact amount of Protein our body need (eat) daily is a matter of debate. The amount of Protein needed (eat) for a human is dependent on many factors, like age, weight, gender, current state of health etc.

The physique goal of every human can differ from person to person. Like, most of the girls prefer to remain slim and trim while the ardent desire of the young men is to have a muscle-toned, well build body. In the both cases, the need for the daily dose (eat) of protein will differ.

What is Protein and Why do we Need (Eat) It?

The protein can be defined as the main components for building blocks for tissues, hormones or enzymes of the body. It also helps to build the muscles, tendon, skin and organs.

Proteins are built with Amino Acids, small molecules which get intertwined to form the protein chains. Some of these Amino Acids are produced by our body itself, the others are acquired by the proper diet and nutrients.

The Specialized Diet to get Protein: 

Variant kinds of meats and fishes are the best sources of protein. The best sources of Proteins in food, what we eat are:

  • The eggs are the best sources of Protein. The whole eggs are high in protein where the egg whites are pure protein.
  • Chicken is also the great source of the protein. The breast portion of the chicken contains the maximum protein.
  • Though Beef is another source of Protein the Lean Beef contains maximum protein.
  • All types of fishes and shrimps are the excellent source of Protein. The popular Tuna fish tops the list of containing high Protein.
  • Apart from this, the Pork Chops, Turkey Breast, Halibut, Octopus, Salmon, Sardines, Bacon, Chorizo, Pepperoni etc are the other excellent sources of Protein.

Apart from the various meats, if you are a vegetarian, or prefer the vegetarian foods, here are a couple of foods to provide the daily dose of Protein:

  • Like all the other Nutrients, Milk is the excellent supplier of Proteins. If you are not so much fan of drinking milk, you can also try the Greek Yogurt for your daily dose of Protein.
  • Almonds are enriched with protein; these nuts in daily diet, what we eat will keep the total fill of the Protein.
  • Oats and Quinoa are another sources of Protein. These grains in breakfast every day will supply you enough Protein even if you are not consuming meats.
  • The Cottage Cheese is another important item that can supply you enough Protein. This Cottage Cheese is high in Protein but very low in fat. Thus, it will supply you enough Protein without injecting many calories.
  • The vegetables like Broccoli, Brussels sprouts etc are also the suppliers of Protein. Other than that, the Pumpkin seeds, Lentils are also an excellent source of it. Your favourite Peanuts also carry a good amount of Protein.

For excellent body and to maintain its fitness, one must take care of the daily dose (eat) of Protein in their regular diet.


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