How To Balance Body Weight?


How To Balance Body Weight?     

Do you want to balance your body weight? Health problems, balance diet, overweight, etc. are the common discussion that more often you listen as well as discuss with relatives, friends, and colleagues. But honestly you answer yourself – how much really you are concern about your health?

Believe me, taking care of our health is not at all a big deal; what all we need to do is just make a little effort along with the healthy discussion about health. Therefore, here our focus is to motivate and energize you to have balance bodyweight and healthy life. How to Gain Body Weight?

How To Balance Body WeightHowever, before starting lessons, understand some of the following terminologies that will help later to keep ourselves healthy.

What is body weight?

There is no science behind this question; simply, the weight of your body without any external burden (such as shoes, heavy clothing, etc.) on your body. But the question i.e. what is an ideal/healthy bodyweight is important and there is also technique to measure an ideal body weight.

Ideal Body Weight: An ideal body weight is measured by determining the following three factors:

  • Sex: What is your sex?                                                      
  • Age: What is your age?
  • Height: What is your height?

However, for the adult, following are the two methods to measure an ideal body weight:

  1. Devine Formula: This formula calculates an adult’s body as:
  • For male: 50 kg for 5 feet (60 inches) and thereupon, 2.3 kg for every inch.
  • For female: 45.5 kg for 5 feet (60 inches) and thereupon, 2.3 kg for every inch.
  1. Hamwi Formula: This formula measures an adult’s ideal bodyweight as:
  • For male: 48 kg for 5 feet (60 inches) and thereupon, 2.7 kg for every inch.
  • For female: 45 kg for 5 feet (60 inches) and thereupon, 2.3 kg for every inch.

What are the factors that determine your body weight?

This is one of the most important questions that will help you to keep your bodyweight balanced. Following are the significant factors that determine your body weight:

  • Hereditary: This is unavoidable factor, many of us have not a balance ‘body weight’ because of hereditary factor, but don’t worry, it can be cured and you can enjoy your smart look.
  • Hormonal abnormalities: This a medical reason that affect your body and even in spite of balance diet and regular exercise you face unbalanced bodyweight and subsequent health problem. But it can be also cured.
  • Diet: If the above two factors are ok, then the third factor is diet. Your body weight will be exactly as your eating habit. Therefore, you are bond to control your food habit.

How To Balance Body Weight?

  • Absence of exercise and sedentary lifestyle: This is the ONLY reason of more than 70% people’s unbalanced bodyweight (especially in urban life). People are highly engrossed in their mundane sedentary life and don’t have time (better to say motivation) to do some physical exercise.

 Don’t worry … stick with us, you will guaranteed enjoy balanced body weight and healthy life.

Importance of body weight:

Understand the importance of the bodyweight is one of the crucial factors to keep oneself healthy.  Most of the health problems start from this point only. So, please pay attention to the following sentences:

The energy required to keep human body functional is of course derived from the food that we eat.  The potential energy absorbed by the food is used in the metabolism process and provides you heat. But if this potential energy is in your body is greater than the amount of energy required, then it get stored in the tissue in the form of carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. This is the reason of obesity or overweight.

On the other hand, if someone does not take proper food means his/her body is deficient of required amount of energy. In such a case, there is risk of underweight, which is also a sever health problem.

How To Balance Body Weight?

What is Overweight?

Depending upon your age, height, and sex, you need to have a specific amount of your bodyweight. If this amount (normally measured in kilogram/kg) is more than the requirement, it means you are overweight.

Obesity is the big example of overweight. Obesity simple means, having more fat in your body than required. Say, as per the requirement, your “body weight” should be about 58 kg, but actually you are 75 kg, then you have stored 17 kg extra amount in body. It is fatal and you are vulnerable to many diseases.

Factors Causing Overweight:

There are many factors that potentially make you overweight; significant of them are:

How To Balance Body Weight?

Health problems of overweight:

Overweight causes may problems ranging from risk of death to sociological abuses/discrimination. However, following are the major problems because of obesity:

How To Balance Body Weight?

What is Underweight?

When body weight of a person is considerably less than the required for the healthy life, it means he/she is underweight.  Like overweight, underweight is also serious problem that restrains to live a healthy life.

How To Balance Body Weight

Factors Causing Underweight:

There are many reason of being underweight; important of them are:

How To Balance Body Weight?

Health Problems of Underweight:

Underweight causes many health problems ranging from simple weakness to low life-expectancy; the following diagram shows the major health problems because of underweight:

How To Balance Body Weight?

Body Weight Chart as per Height and Gender:

To know your ideal body weight, check out the following “Body Weight Chart”, which defines an ideal body weight based upon Height and Gender:

                Height: Feet & Inches                               –                               Weight: Pounds

How To Balance Body Weight?

How To Balance Body Weight?

Benefits of Balancing Body Weight:

There are following benefits of balancing body weight:

  • Disease Free Body: Normally, you would not have any disease problem.
  • Strong and Smart Physique (Body): Your body would not be strong only but also smart (for male) and beautiful (for female). So, you have smart look.
  • Ability to Handle Difficulty: If you have a healthy life, you can easily hand even a difficult condition of life. You won’t get frustrated in such a difficult situation rather you live stress free life.
  • High Confidence: Your confidence would also be high so whatever the responsibility you will take, you would have the competence to complete with accuracy.
  • Happy Life: Last but not the least; you will live a perfect happy life.

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