How to Control Smoking?


How to Control Smoking?

Smoking is the most common word in our society that most of us discuss about. We discuss about its impacts and irreparable damage, paradoxically while smoking. Or in other words, everyone knows its negative impact even then smokes. So, why people do so? Is it enjoyable or punishable? I believe, it is an oxymoronic act, which means enjoyable as well as (irreparable) punishable.


What is Smoking?

Smoking is simply an act of the action (later habit) of inhaling and exhaling the smoke of tobacco or other similar kind of drug. Smoking in itself is a cancer, which is almost impossible to quit, as the treatment of cancer is impossible (if not diagnosed in its early stage). Every smoker very well understands its various negative effects; nevertheless, they smoke.

Why do People Smoke?

There is hardly any reason to start smoking, I have never seen, read, or even listen that there could be such kind of circumstance that if concerned person would not smoke will die. People largely start in fashion (i.e. imitating someone), because of peer pressure, or in some depression.


Types of Smoking:

There are many types of smoking ranging from a mild cigarette to highly expensive and dangerous heroin. Following are the most common type of smoking:

  • Shishas or Hookahs and Mouassal: This is traditional type of smoking. These days, it is largely common in rural India. Its equipment and other set up are not convenient to carry, therefore, people left it. However, it is less harmful than the cigarette.
  • Cigarette Smoking: This is the most common type of smoking that most of the people – male as well as female smoke.


  • Cigars or Pipes Smoking: This is not much common, but of course it is stylish and expensive; only affluent people can afford it.
  • Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, Charas, etc.: These are very expensive types of smoking. Its impact is very fatal; once people got the habit, then very difficult to come out, as it commands both mind and body. Its impact on mind and body is very adverse.

However, whatever the type is, all are injurious to health.

Dangerous Chemicals in Tobacco Smoking:

Tobacco smoking contains more than 4,000 chemicals including about 43 known cancer-causing (carcinogenic) compounds. Besides, it also contains about 400 some other toxins. For example, Nicotine, Carbon monoxide, Tar, Formaldehyde, Arsenic, Ammonia, Hydrogen cyanide, and DDT, etc. all these are highly injurious to human health.


Effects of Smoking on Human Body:

Smoking has cumulative effects on human body and mind as well on their material well beings. Following are the major effects of smoking on human body and mind:

  • Smoking damages nervous system, as result of which you might stop sensing.
  • Smoking damages respiratory system as result of which you might have breathing problem and other respiratory diseases.
  • Smoking sometimes blocks blood vessels, as result of which smoker faces heat attack; severe attack can even take life.
  • Smoking during the pregnancy might lead severe problem to both mother and baby.
  • Smoking causes various types of cancer including mouth, throat, lung, pancreas, and bladder.
  • Smoking may also cause infertility and impotency.
  • Smoking also affects smokers financially and forces to spend more money in buying tobacco. That directly affects the financial status (or financial stringency) of respective person.


Diseases Caused by Smoking:

Following are the common diseases caused by smoking:

  • Respiratory diseases
  • Heat disease
  • Cancers, such as lung cancer, throat cancer, mouth cancer, etc.

How to Quit Smoking?

Though, giving up smoking is very difficult task, but there are many benefits of quitting smoking. So, you need stronger determination and internal motivation to give up smoking.


Tips to Avoid Smoking:

Following are the tips, which practice will help you to give up smoking:

  • Make a self determination.
  • When feel to smoke, try to engage yourself in some other work.
  • Leave it gradually.
  • Don’t adopt any substitute to give up smoking.
  • Take help of medicines and go for counselling to give up smoking, as medicine is very effective.
  • Practice meditation and yoga, as these two are very much effective.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking:

Following are the significant benefits of giving up smoking:

  • Health Benefit: Most likely, there is no probability of any disease (especially the diseases caused by smoking).


  • Personal Benefit: It will not only keep you physically and mentally fit, but also increases your look and smartness. I also enhance your financial condition, as you can save that money for future use.
  • Social Benefits: Smoker generally looks for isolated place, as he/she cannot smoke in front of his/her family members. So, quitting means, no more living in isolation.

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